Playing at meal times

From a baby who lives solely on his mummy’s milk to a toddler now, Kenji never really gives us a headache when it comes to meal time. In fact, towards this few weeks, he will tell us that he want “mum mum” (food), and he will run to me to get him his bib and handkerchief. Then, he will turn to his mummy and tell her to carry his to be seated on his high chair for his meal. He has been a clever and cheeky baby.

He is never a fussy baby when it comes to food but he is fussy enough when there is nothing for him to play on the table. This could be my fault as I used to tempt him with various toys and things in order to encourage him to eat in his early solid meal times. Sometimes, when he is not happy or bored with the things he played, he will simply throw it on the floor. He will smile and look at me and say “papa, take”. 🙂

It is not a big deal for us to provide a thing or two for him to play during meal time, but what worrying me is whether this will become a long term habit. I have tried not to give toys for him to play. He will just go on a strike and refused to open his mouth. This is where I have to abide to his favor and let him play. Do you have a child who loves to play during mealtimes and how you tackle it?



14 thoughts on “Playing at meal times

  1. My girl is not allowed to play during meal time since she was a 6 months old baby.. She was trained to ‘self-feed’ at a very early stage, and we eat together to show her that no ‘playing’ when eating. Also, I don’t encourage any ‘toy’ on the table, and if she throw anything to the floor thinking it’s fun, she won’t get it back… hahaha.. I have a very strict rules when come to meal and table manners.. 😀

    1. I should learn from you. I really have no idea how soon we should instill good table manners on children. It’s gonna takes some time in my case.

  2. I used to give Ashley toys or books to get her to sit down throughout her meals when she was a toddler. Feeding time was a bit of a headache back then so I need to get her distracted 😀

  3. Maybe tell him he will get to play once he has finished eating. If not, no need to eat…let him go hungry. I’m sure since he enjoys eating, he will give in slowly. Must lay down the rules. That’s as bad as letting them watch tv while feeding them. That’s why children and young people these days play with their phones or pads all through the meal when dining outside – never mind with family or friends. Really bad!

    Our time, the cane sat quietly by the side. Nothing said, no questions asked…and we all ate quickly and quietly.

    Good that he wants to eat though – my daughter would keep a spoonful of rice in her mouth for half an hour before swallowing…and that would be all she would eat. So skinny…but doctor said as long as healthy, no worries!

  4. No toys at the table for mine. If he throws a spoon or bowl, he doesn’t get it back. He knows I mean business 🙂 now that he goes to childcare he eats really fast. When he starts throwing food, I know that he is full…

  5. I think he is old enough to feed himself by now. Get him to feed himself and that will distract him away from toys during meal-time. Hope this help, it does for my children when they were Kenji’s age.

  6. Some kids are to eat only having toys, some kids must watch TV. My kids were all fed in front of TV. Now, both of them are much bigger, they have to sit at the dining table together with me. When he can feed himself, he may not need to have toys or TV already.

  7. Try eating your lunch or dinner and feeding him at the same time so he knows that it’s meal time and no playing toys. My baby is 13 months now, and we practice having meals together. It’s a mess when we started, from feeding him and eating at the same time. Now that we are used to it, it’s easier when we take him out to restaurants.

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