Year End Lunch @ Dome

It is the beginning of a new year, and for those people in the working battleground, it is time to reflect our shortcomings in 2012, set new company goal for achieving new targets and doing improvements to existing system so that we can have a more fruitful year compare to the last. I believe this is a norm for everyone in the working field. After everything is set, everyone in our office is looking forward for the treat by our department head.

We were budgeted RM100 for any meal of our choice. For that amount of money, we could plan for a dinner buffet at a nearby hotel, but as some of my colleagues could’t made it for dinner, we plan for lunch instead. After some rounds of brainstorming, we ended up having lunch at the below restaurant located at Queensbay mall Penang.

We pre-order the foods before we came in order to save time as we have to rush back for a meeting with our corporate later. To our dismay, the food took another good 30 minutes to our table. And bear in mind that the restaurant is not crowded. It seems that we are the only table at that instance. Anyway, I ordered a fish and chips for my lunch.

The food is only mediocre in my point of view. The outer skin is crunchy, but oily. The good part is from its large portion which quickly satisfy my hungry tummy. Some of my colleagues could’t finish their portion. One of my colleague ordered this…

…a beef gourmet pie. It is a bread on the top with a beef soup underneath. I do not get to capture the photo of beef soup as my colleagues is busy savoring her meal. I had this before months ago. This is indeed a nice dish worth recommending. Another colleague who is always conscious of her outlook ordered a chicken cheese and avocado wrap. Frankly speaking, I see more vegetables than chicken in this wrap.

After the lunch, we took a brief walk around Queensbay as we still have time before the call with our corporate. Two weeks before, the place is still charmed christmas tress. The place is now well decorated for chinese new year. The center court exhibits an ancient china building with a wife platform in from of the building. There are plenty of bird cage hanging around the trees around the building.

Moving to the side, there is this bridge called lovers bridge. Those singles out there can try your luck to walk across or under the bridge for the chance of meeting your prince/princess this year. 🙂

We had a great time before moving back to office. Have you went for year end dinner yet?

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