Against old wives tales

Kenji boy started to have mild fever last Thursday night. It was very mild, and we thought it was due to teething as we observed him keep putting his finger into his mouth.  We monitored his temperature for the whole day, and it stayed between 37.5 to 37.8 deg C. We did not give him any paracetamol as the fever was very mild.

His condition went downhill on Friday night where is temperature rose to 38 deg, and shoot up to 39 deg at 10pm. I tried to sponge him, but he refused and kept crying and shaking his head fanatically. I had no choice but to bathe him. My boy loves to bath since he was a baby, hence this is an easy task to do. We bathe him in warm water as we are afraid of him getting a cold later on and he is enjoying it. His temperature after the bath is 37.2 deg C. Hooray!

Before the bath, a relative of mine are making a lot of fuss telling us that we cannot bath him a child at night as it was very cold. I insisted and shut the bathroom door behind her and bathe my boy. How to reduce the temperature when your child resist to be sponged? We give him some fever medicine and monitored him throughout the night. Luckily his temperature do not rose further after the bath and he slept throughout the night.

We brought him to the hospital the following morning, and he was admitted. Analysis on his blood samples and mucous confirms the presence of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and low count of leukocytes (white blood cells) or viral fever in laymen term. Kenji boy has discharged from the hospital yesterday after his body temperature stabilize  He still have a flu and cough every now and then. It has been a really long and tiring week for us.

11 thoughts on “Against old wives tales

  1. good to hear that Kenji is well again. Hmm, I wonder if the doctors were a bit ‘kan cheong’ that he needs to be hospitalized? Viral fever in kids are pretty common and yes, it last over a week. In other countries like US/Canada, the doctors would probably send the kid home with paracetamol, antibiotic and etc 😛

  2. they forgot we have doors now!! those days kids bath in open therefore the advise against bathing at night due to the possibilities of catching colds.. but now, it’s heater and door!! you did the right thing to bath him to bring the temperature down! I once send my girl to a paed, and she was ‘bath’ there and then to reduce her heat, and was told to go sit under the aircond!!!! but that’s great coz her temperature never go up again after that!

  3. I will never forget of my experience of bathing with ice water when I was 7 yrs old. Imagine today the nightmare is still playing in my mind. To me bath them at night with warm water is okay as the fastest way to bring down their temperature. After that, quickly dry them up to prevent them from catching cold.

    Glad to hear Kenji boy is back home. speedy recovery and you and your wifey take good care. I know it must be tiring day.

  4. I have gone through many times with my son what you are going through now. Yes, sponge him or bathe him, then give him fever medicine, it works, trust me. Wish your boy a speedy recovery too. 🙂

  5. glad to hear that Kenji is recovering, hope he will bump and jump actively again.. 🙂

    thanks for dropping a comment in my blog.. yes, “Que Sera Sera” is indeed a nice song, but i guess the message that the video wish to bring is much more meaningful.. 🙂

  6. Kids fall sick all the time but it pays to be careful, and do whatever one can to get them get over it. Sometimes, there may be some truths in those old wives’ takes. Experience is a great teacher.

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