Cloth diapering for children

My second batch of cloth diaper has finally arrived. I ordered this in bulk for a cheaper price. We began to switch him to cloth diaper when he was 6 months old when we observed him scratching at the velcro area. He would scratch at the same spot constantly until the skin became reddish in color. This is worrying us. Hence we used those plain white cloth diapers on him while looking for a better solution to the problem. The cons of this plain white cloth diaper is that it will easily loosen off when my active baby is crawling around.

2012-10-03 22.06.20


I was introduced by a friend to cloth diapers and even invited to join the cloth diapering group in facebook for babies. From there, my knowledge on cloth diapering shines. Kenji boy no longer scratch his skins and his rashes at this buttock area diminish when we continue to use the diapers. We started up with 8 pcs of cloth diaper, and we are beginning to re-stock them every now and then.

The only cons of cloth diapers is that we need to wash them, and it took at least half a day for them to dry under the sun. Putting this away, the cloth diapers are serving more benefits that those disposable ones. First, they are economical. They are reusable for a long duration of time. Kenji boy is still wearing those he is wearing when he was 6 months old. The diapers are size adjustable, hence it is suitable from newborn till toddlerhood. Other than economical, prolong usage will also help to green to earth (waste elimination). I think we will continue to use this until Kenji boy is fully potty trained.

7 thoughts on “Cloth diapering for children

  1. I saved a lot from cloth diapering…last time I have to restock disposable diaper every month and not forgetting the babysitter’s side as well. I invest quite a lot in cloth diapers but that was just one time go and in long term I save a lot on that. Yes.the hassle part is washing. But i just throw in the washing machine to do the work. If got poo…have to wash clean first la. I used to have an online cloth diapering store but no longer working on it..ehhehehhe

  2. yes, I’m a cloth diapering mummy and my girl wean off diaper at the age of 2 1/2 FULLY! I use a layer of napkin liner to prevent the poo got sink into the diaper and it make washing easier.. hehe..:D

  3. Smart choice! I too, used cloth diapers on my children during day time and disposable diapers during night time. I loved these cloth diapers so much that I am still keeping them even though my children are teenagers now. A beautiful reminder of their babyhood! 🙂

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