Last day at Bangkok

I spent my last day walking around the town, and do some last minute shopping for my boy and families. My hotel helped me to call a cab to airport. As I hop into the taxi, I saw this…..

This is actually a price list for those who wish to travel to outskirts of Bangkok. This reminded me of a trip I took with my wifey to Ayutthaya couple of years back. We are using a taxi service too. If you go for a local tour guide, it will cost you around double or sometimes triple the price on this list and the itenary is fixed. The advantages of going a trip with this taxi drivers is you can choose the place you wanted to visit and going at your own pace. If anyone need a guide at Bangkok, I can help to provide a rough guide.

I was feeling hungry when I reach the airport. I was looking for something interesting or something new to fill in the space in my stomach, and I found this at Black Canyon.

This is a Tom Yam Goong – a Thai spicy soup cooked with noodles and prawn. But the one I had is cooked with fusilli. Interesting right? I have tried Tom Yam  Goong many times before but this is the first time I had it with fusilli. A very nice fusion, I would say. It tastes great. The soup is not too spicy to my liking, and the fusillis are soft enough. I will definitely try this again in my next trip.


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10 Responses to Last day at Bangkok

  1. suituapui says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!! I just had a post on tom yam goong in my blog the other day. Of course yours would be more authentic – made in Thailand…but they use pasta? Fusion kah?

  2. Hayley says:

    I love tomyam! Must try their tomyam when at Thailand 😉

  3. yan says:

    Tom Yam Goong with fusilli as the noodle, great idea. I like.

  4. Fuh! I like! I like tom yam and I bet this is NICE!

  5. Poh Huai Bin says:

    I remember those price lists in cabs in Thailand. Heh.

    Never had that fusili fusion dish though. I bet it tastes awesome!

  6. Yee Ling says:

    I am very bad…i love to eat tom yam but I ll have like 2-3 spoons then I give up..Too spicy jor.ehehhehe

  7. Ipohgal says:

    Good idea….will try this at home, my family loves Tom Yam and fusili – good combination, I must say!

  8. I love Thai tom yum goong! And I also like Black Canyon in Bangkok, but sadly the Malaysian outlets cannot match the their Thai counterparts.

  9. we have Black Canyon in KL.. and yes, their food is now too… haven’t tried the original version in Thai though..

  10. Barbara Ng says:

    i miss their tom yum gong very much. btw, there is a black canyon in ipoh right? i wonder if they serve the same food.

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