Potty training my little boy

We do not have a formal potty training for him. What we did is we tried to observe when he would be ready. I have heard of people (close relatives) scolding their child for peeing in his/her pants, and some even resort to corporal punishment when it comes to potty training. Corporal punishment will not be the last resort to any kind of training, nor it should be used as way to discipline children.

The first thing we try to get him to learn is to recognize his potty. We bought him quite a number of potty. Just bought a new one couple of weeks back as he has outgrown his existing one. Somehow, he loves playing with his potty. Some times ago, he even tried to put his potty onto his head as a hat.

For a start, we will repeatedly tell him that if he wanted to pass motion, he have to tell us “ng ng”. Every time he pass motion in his pants, we  will remind him that he need to say the magic words so that we can put him onto his potty. Some time ago, he got thrilled with the word “ng ng” and sometimes he will tell us “ng ng” when he do not even intend to pass motion. At this point, papa and mummy is already scratching the head.

Couple of week back, when he was playing in the living room, he run very fast to get his potty and come to us, and tell us “ng ng”. Mummy asked him “Are you sure?”. He said “ng ng” again, but by the time we took off his pants, he had pass motion in his diapers. “I’m sorry for not believing in you,”said mummy. Having said that, mummy clean him up and gave him a kiss. Now, whenever he came to us bringing his potty, we know what he wanted to do, and we will help him up. After some 2 week of practice  I can now declared that my boy  is trained. Now we are working on how to teach him “she she” (means peeing), but that will be another story.

7 thoughts on “Potty training my little boy

  1. Clever boy!!! They’ll learn soon enough… No need to cane, not a big matter. Even when already trained, they may still do it in their pants – especially when they’re enjoying themselves too much…refuse to go and do their business or they will wet their beds when they have bad dreams/nightmares…or play too much during the day, old people say.

    LOL!!! They love putting the pot on their heads!!! All kids do that! So cute!!!!

  2. good boy!! yes, we cannot take the child’s word lightly, and glad he finally got the hang of his potty. Oh the potty on the head, guess it’s everyone’s child ‘adventure’.. hehehee… just make sure it’s clean la..

    I didn’t really trained my girl on potty, but she was trained in the big adult toilet..

  3. Well done boy. Many parent have a hard time to train their kids poo in potty. They willing to pee but not poo on it. As he already recognize the potty for doing his business, wee wee should be easy for him. Furthermore he is a boy, easy to know his urge by seeing his “sign” keke.

  4. An essential part of growing up! I can still remember my potty training which is quite impossible according to psychologists (can’t remember anything below 3 years old) but I actually do remember being told to sit at the potty. Heh.

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