My 15 month old boy

Time flies. I thought it was just yesterday we celebrated his first birthday. Without us realizing, my boy is now 15 months old and 2 weeks. He is learning new things everyday and has been learning fast. Kenji loves to call people. It often delighted people when he call their names. Sometimes he would repeatedly call everyone in the house and rhyme it up like a song. When I come home every Friday, he would be running to the door and called out “papa papa”. My heart is melted when i hear that. The only motivation for me to work now is to wait for this very moment I come home and he greet me.

He loves to read books, thanks to his mummy who has been reading to him every single night. He will beg his mummy to bring him upstairs after dinner everyday, and as soon as he reach his room, he will point to the book on the table and say “book”. After that, he will climb on the bed and bring to mummy the book he wanted to read for the night. The book reading only lasts for 10-15 minutes, but is increasing over time.

As a result of reading with mummy every night without fail, his vocabulary is building up very fast. Here are some of the words he can pronounce clearly, and used frequently.

Animals: Dog, cat, fish, bear, duck, cow, cockroach, bee, pig, butterfly (pronounced as butt)
Items: Star, Clock, fan, book, car
Actions: Take( when he cannot reach something), pick (when he want you to pick something for him), kick (when he want you to kick the ball)
People: Papa, mummy, yeye (paternal grandpa), mama (paternal grandma), gung gung(maternal grandpa), popo (maternal grandma), suk suk (my brother), Goh Goh ( his cousin brother), jie jie (his cousin sister)
Dance: Oppa Gangnam Style (taught by daddy)

He has completed the farm animals and ABC book that we have. Big bad wolf sale is coming in Dec. I will be going there to grab some books for my Kenji boy!

6 thoughts on “My 15 month old boy

  1. The best years of one’s life – when the kids are growing up. So much joy, so much pleasure! Come, come…bring him to Sibu for a holiday. He’ll love it here, I’m sure. My daughter enjoyed that a lot when she was small, loved staying in hotels…didn’t like going out much…except only to eat.

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