Christmas comes early at Bangkok

Well, it’s still a month away to Christmas, but the shopping malls in Bangkok have started to put up christmas decorations all over the place. It is indeed beautiful with those gigantic Christmas trees, and the lighting that is decorated along the streets. Christmas songs are rhyming in your ears as soon as you entered the malls.

Siam paragon have a white christmas tree with snow flakes as its leaves. Bangkok do not snows, but this tree gives a good feeling of white christmas in town. You can see the crowd at this area. A lot of people are busy with year end shopping. Yes, you are correct, a lot of shop is starting their christmas or year end sale now. I went inside the market to get some food. When I reached the food court area, I saw another christmas tree. As this is located just outside the gourmet market, this christmas tree is themed after the food and market. if you look closely, the whole tree is made of fruit baskets, decorated with fruits and berries all around it. Just beautiful right?

I walked to Central World after I had my lunch, and the decoration here is a sight to behold.  They have erected a giant Christmas tree in front of the shopping centre….

……and a guardian angel in front of the tree. The normally plain surroundings is replaced with castles everywhere. Children are running into and around the castles, while tourist are busy taking photos of the settings.

I also found a pumpkin coach. People can go inside and took photos with it. Does this belongs to Cinderella?

A final picture of the castles that is built around the mall. It looks like a disneyland settings but with fairies and reindeers everywhere!

Anyone going to Bangkok for Christmas?

7 thoughts on “Christmas comes early at Bangkok

  1. Wahhhhhhh!!!! So nice for a place full of Buddhists & temples. Bet you bought lots and lots of presents home for your son? Don’t forget your darling missus tii, ya!

  2. I love the Christmas decor, so nice!
    When I went US, most places already started to put up the Christmas decor too! Too bad din’t manage to see the end result….

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