Walking down the streets of Bangkok

I was walking down to street to Pratunam to check whether there are any good bargain for children clothes. I’m hoping to get some clothing for my boy. It is already a must to do thing every time I travel. Also, I wish to drop by Platinum mall which is located opposite the road to check out the woman clothing and accessories for wifey.

The sun is hot, and I was sweating hard. The road towards the pratunam market is a little bit steep. Coupled with the crowd walking along the road, I was perspiring like crazy. When  I was trying to walk up the slope, I saw a mother and a child, walking in the opposite direction, coming down the slope. The child (a little girl) is barely dressed. She wore a sleeveless torn pink colored shirt, with a almost torn pants. She walked down the slope bare footed, happily with her mum tag along behind.

My heart went with the child. Instead of moving to pratunam market, I decided to follow them from a safe distance. The sun is scorching hot, burning the ground beneath it. I tried to touch the ground with my foot, and ouch…it is so hot and burning. I continued to follow them, until they reach the pavement of central world (the largest hypermarket in bangkok). The mum looked for some foods while the little girl ran around, greeting the passer by around. Finally they went up the overhead bridge, and settled there with a plastic bowl in front of them.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who will give money to beggars, especially those who are able bodied. Even for those disabled, I’d be hesitated to give, as I’ve been reading a lot that there is such organization who are using these people to earn money. I’d rather channel my money through newspapers or organizations that I trusted.

I hesitated for a while (a very long while), but finally walked over and put 100 bath into her bowl. I pointed to the little girl feet and asked the mum to buy a pair of shoes to the daughter. She smiled and thanked me. I’m not sure whether this is the right thing to do, but I just followed my conscience. After that, I left the place and continued with my shopping at pratunam.

Right until now, the image of the little girl is still lingering in my mind. I can still recalled how shabby she was dressed, and walked without shoes on the hot ground. I couldn’t imagine if this is happening on my boy. A while ago, I read an article from a young doctor recollecting the memories of his grandfather. There is one sentence from the whole article that captured my mind until today. “Do not look down at others. You are lucky to be born into this family, and being brought up in a very good way. There are others out there who are not as fortunate as you are”

The street to Pratunam market

10 thoughts on “Walking down the streets of Bangkok

  1. Do unto others what you would want others do unto you. What goes around comes around. I would give…but lately, I hear that there are syndicates controlling these people and those gangsters will get the lion’s share so it is better to donate through the proper channels e.g. to the charitable homes and through churches and the like.

  2. oh poor girl.. you did the right thing since you know they may not fake it. For me, if I see any beggars, normally I buy a packet of rice or so forth, and leave there for them to eat. But I don’t contribute in actual money. bravo, and I am sure the girl will remember you.

  3. Dear Andrew,
    So glad you shared this. My heart went with the story.
    “Do not look down at others. You are lucky to be born into this family, and being brought up in a very good way. There are others out there who are not as fortunate as you are”
    This will always remain etched in my memories.

    Keep writing!

  4. Whether the mother buy the shoes for her daughter is up to her, you have done your part. There are many unfortunate people out there but some are fakes. So be careful.

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