I intended to do this earlier, but do not manage to do so as I was extremely busy with work and was posted overseas for work this week. Anyway, to cut  things short, I was reminded about this in Yee Ling’s blog, hence is trying to post this at last minute. I hope I can still make it for their contest.

There are couple of reasons why I think having my own domain is beneficial to me as a blogger. I started off writing my blog as an online journal to document down the life journey of my family. Throughout this 6 month journey, I found a lot of blogger friends (most of them are great bloggers), who teach me a lot on blogging. Here is some list of things that I find might be beneficial for me.

1) Participation in events
I found that most events hosted by blogger company like nuffnang is for their dedicated bloggers who post their ads in their blog. Now do not allow us to insert ads, hence I could not join that. Hence having my own domain will help here.
2) Total control of my blog
The level of customization I can do is limited with wordpress. With my own domain, I can perform customization on my blog as I prefer.
3) Professionalism
This might be just my thoughts, but I think websites with their own domain are more professional. 
2) Earn money
I always heard that blogging can earn some extra bucks. I really do not have an idea on it and would like to discover about this when I have my own domain.

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