Missing him

I’m writing this in my office at Bangkok now. There are a lot of work that need to be done, and I’m going to stay up late watching over the issue over here. Staying in a foreign country no longer looks appetizing to me, especially when my boy has came into my life. In fact, I start to miss him before I departed.

I saw some families bringing their child to the airport, kissing their daddy goodbye before he went into the departure gate. I really envy them. How I wish that Kenji boy was with me at that precious moment. But this is rather impossible as I was taking a flight from Penang. I have been calling home everyday just to hear him calling me papa. It is the only remedy for me to continue with my work here.

I hope the 2 weeks will be due very soon. I’m going to count my day before I can see him again. Sorry for the rant. I’m just trying to vent out some frustration before continuing with my work here.

Photo courtesy of http://www.scrapsplanet.com

5 thoughts on “Missing him

  1. Yes, when one’s kid is growing up, it is hard to be apart. I used to call when away on travelling duty…many times a day…and once I could not get to a phone and she was worried sick and cried herself to sleep. Poor thing!!!

  2. Sure you will miss him so much. That’s why if can I always wanna bring my kids with me because I can’t enjoy my holiday without them. don’t worry soon you can hug him tight when you are back.

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