I will hold your hand

Ever since he learn how to walk, Kenji refused to have his hand hold by anyone, even daddy and mummy. Perhaps it would be easier to balance himself when he is walking all by himself. He’d struggle to let go his hand when anyone is trying to hold him. What we can only do is to walk closely behind him, and picking him up when he fall. Last week, we went to the park and mummy attempt to hold his hand again. He gladly accepted that, and walked with mummy all the way. He still do not let daddy to hold him, but daddy believe the day will come very soon. I’m writing this with my wifey in my mind. She has been a great and wonderful mummy!

I will hold your hand my little one
protecting you from day to day
embracing you when you are cold
I will hold your hand my little one
guiding you all the way
picking you up when you fall
I will hold your hand my little one
nurturing you in many ways
bringing you up with all my might
I will continue to hold your hand my little one
no matter what you say
but I know I have to let it go one fine day
when you met the love of your life


10 thoughts on “I will hold your hand

  1. Hah!!! Closer to the mummy eh? I guess that comes as no surprise as you work in Penang and he sees you only once a week. Must go all out to spend more time, quality time with him when home on weekends and holidays. The bonding is very very important. You need to get him to trust you unconditionally…

  2. My two girls are still holding my hands whenever we walk. I love holding their little hands too. I will hold forever until they want to hold someone else. *Wink*

  3. awww. is okay! baby starting will be closer to mummy one! wait he starts to play around! then you will be the one! =DD especially it comes to sports! =D anyway! get another daughter! daughter usually closer to dad, and son usually closer to mum. LOL

  4. Better hold all you can now…once they grew up, boys are shy to be seen holding to their parent’s hands…but my 13 years old girl still holds my hands. 🙂

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