An arrogant lad

I want to share a story of an arrogant lad. He graduated from a local university, and took the plunge of his career in a multinational company, where he meet a girl – a girl he took for granted. He never willing to spend his time with the girl, and when the girl  called to ask how he is doing, he would furiously scold her,”Don’t you have nothing better to do than bothering me?”. All the time he had was spent with his buddy, completely ignoring her presence.

The girl will just keep quiet, do not know what is happening and what went wrong in that relationship. He got a job opportunity to KL half a year later, where he accepted the offer immediately without informing his girl. It was his wish to move away from the girl, hoping that the girl, will be heart broken and disappear from his life. Even when he came back for a holiday, he would be pretending to be very busy with his friends and games. The relationship never ended, but it was still, as both party are not willing to express the dismiss. Such is the attitude of this arrogant young lad, who is still learning what is love.

The girl has been very patience. She cried in silence, wishing that  her young lover will grow up and becoming more mature. Time passes with the sour relationship remains unattended for 1 year. Life went on for this young lad, and one day he was stricken with dengue fever at KL. As ignorant and arrogant as he could, he thought that he could manage everything on his own, refusing to let his family members know about his situation. His situation is getting worse, and his family member who got to know of  his condition from a friend who worked in the same hospital, rushed to KL to take care of him.

This girl offered to stay with him at the hospital, taking care of him. In every two hour, she help to sponge him, administering him medicine, praying that his body temperature went down as soon as possible. She did this for two consecutive night and barely slept. At the end of the second day, when the young man awake from his sleep, he found the girl lying on the chair beside his bed motionless. He looked at her, regretting on how he had treated her from the start. He moved towards her and planted a kiss on her head. He felt a sudden emotional rush of feeling towards her. He made a silent vow to himself that he will appreciate this girl and would treat her better in the future.

The arrogant young lad is me, and the girl is my wife. We have been through a rough and rocky start. Back then, I really do not know what is love. I used to be impatience and short tempered. It was my wife who taught and showed me how to love and care for someone with all my heart. It was her patience and love for me that shape me to what I am today. With her, I started to have plan for our future. She always told me that she made not much contribution (financially) to our household, but deep down my heart, she is the one who had been silently maneuvering the wheel to our future.

It had been a 6 years since we hold our hands together. The love, relationship and the intimacy is getting better each year. Last Saturday, after I was done with the laundry, she told me that she is so blessed to have me as her hubby as I was helping out with a lot of chores in the house. I told her,” I’m the one who are blessed for having you as my wife. Don’t forget that you are my gold medal wifey“.

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20 thoughts on “An arrogant lad

  1. OMG that’s so touching to read!

    I was like that too always taking relationships for granted and always thinking that it’s not the right one, always going for the next one, hoping that it’ll be better.

    This is exactly what my dad told me, to just accept the current girl as the “best” coz there is no “best” (if that makes sense).

    Food for thought indeed. Thanks for sharing Andrew.

    It’s good to hear that you’re happily married with kids now. It gives me much hope.

  2. Yes, this is indeed a very touching love story of yours and yoru lovely wife. So good to know you are appreciating her the way she appreciates you.

  3. YOU!!!!! You, so bad kah!!! Aiyor….you deserve a really good spanking!!! Thank goodness you’ve come to your senses. Make sure you do not go back to your horrible old ways…and appreciate your wife 100% and show it in any way you can.

    Good luck to you in the competition.

    1. Yes I’m bad. Sometimes I think that I do not deserve her. I even asked her why she is willing to wait for me to turn over the new leaf, and do not go for other candidates. She couldn’t answer. Guess this is fate.

  4. Bad Andrew, how come your wifey still so faithful to you even though you treat her so bad.
    keke you are lucky man, glad you have learn how to treasure and appreciate the one that love you so much. Never ever let her down again ya 🙂

    1. She is one in a trillion…I cannot find a girl who can went through such a “torture” nowadays. She deserved all the love that I can give today!

  5. OMG… to rotan this Andrew. I must say I salute your wife for being so patience and never giving up spirit of the sour relationship back then. Because of fate, now you have a very loving and happy family.

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