Hypoglycemia attack

I got a call from wifey this morning that my dad had a hypoglycemia attack. In laymen terms, hypoglycemia  or low blood sugar is a medical condition where the level of sugar in the body drops too low to give the brain and other vital organs functions normally. It is common for patients with diabetes. Dad relates to me that a hypoglycemia  patient would sweat profusely, having a blur vision and became short tempered. If this is left untreated, the patience will have a seizure and eventually passing out.

Over the years, I have seen numerable times of him getting a hypoglycemia  attack. We will prepare some honey or high sugar content drinks for him whenever he had an attack. The sugar level will normally shoot up after the drink. It is very important to regain his consciousness as soon as possible, as prolong low sugar level might potentially cause brain damage.

I would be very anxious and worried on how my dad’s condition whenever he have a hypoglycemia attack. I feel like driving home back to Ipoh straight after work to see him. I received a call from wifey who informed me that dad had another attack in the evening – a mild attack which is resolved by consuming a few pieces of biscuits. He was driving when he had an attack. “I’m scared, and worried whether I’m able to reach home to see Kenji”, dad related the incident to me over the phone. I was stunned for a moment, and burst into tears.

I told him not to worry too much. Everything would be fine. He had a gassy stomach this few days, and is not taking much meal. There are too much insulin (from the pills that he is taking)in his body, causing the disorder. I advised him that if he do not feel like eating, he should be drinking something to let the stomach digest .

My dad was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, a year before I was born. He never failed to remind us not to take too much sweetened foods or drinks, especially carbonated drinks as he afraid that the genes with diabetes will be inherited to us. He always told us that he is a living example on how this disorder has causes an impact to his life. My dad is very conscious on the food that he is taking. He, together with my mum, lay the rules that the food that we have at home need to be in less sugar and less salt.

I got used to such lifestyle since I was young, and would be perplexed when I see people having food or drinks with high sugar or salt content. I still remember that I was laughed by my peers that I do not take a coke simply because my dad do not allow it. I was young, and do not know how to explain it back then, but now I do.

As what my dad always said, “I wanted to live long enough to see my grandson Kenji grow up”. “You will, dad,” I sincerely pray every night.

Dad and Kenji Boy

8 thoughts on “Hypoglycemia attack

  1. sorry to hear what happened. does he have something to monitor his sugar level daily? my mom has diabetes too and she is very conscious abt the food she takes and her sugar level. it is sad to see our parents unwell. please ask your dad to take care.

  2. This happens when people get over-worried and would not eat anything sweet. Take a little piece of chocolate…or drink soya bean milk when one feels an attack coming…i.e. when the blood sugar level drops till too low. That should prevent it from getting any worse.

    It is good to monitor one’s blood sugar level regularly. Remember there is sugar also in rice, bread, biscuits, fruits…so do not think that when you are eating bak chang, it is salty so it is ok.

    Hope your dad takes good care of himself. God bless, pray that he will be fine & healthy always.

  3. So sorry to hear about your dad’s condition. My brother who is only 2 years elder than me was diagnosed with diabetes too. I am worried of him, but he never takes good care of his diet. My brother has obesity problem too. At least your dad is quite slim. I hope he can rest more and take good care of his diet after recovering .

  4. May we keep your dad in our daily prayer, asking GOD to bless him with better health condition, and able to overcome his health problem with ease. May HE bless your dad with long lives to see his grandson grow, and maybe to see more grandchildren in the making.

  5. Sorry too to hear of your dad’s condition. With close monitoring on his food intake and the doctor’s care, I’m sure he will sail through. Old folks are like that. When they get older, their sickness will surface, so it’s important to take care of their health.

  6. I’m really sorry to hear about your dad. I wish him all the best.

    I’m sure he’ll be okay, with the strict diet regiment that he’s on, and the help of some medication, he’ll be sure to see Kenji grow up and many more of your future sons to boot!

    My thoughts are with him and your family.

  7. I can appreciate how hard it is for you to hear that your Dad is not well when you are living with him. Hope he will feel better soon. Your Dad is a very responsible man. He looked after his diet well to stay healthy and this is what we all should do for our love ones. We keep ourselves healthy to be there for them:D

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