A daddy’s job

A daddy’s job is to……..finish what his child cannot finish. You might be laughing but this is true for me. Ever since Kenji arrived, wifey will hand over his leftover milk to me and ask me to finish it. And after he started to have solids, I have been eating his porridge, puree and biscuits.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ranting here. I’m actually feel blessed for sharing whatever my son has left for me. I do not know why but I seems to enjoying it. Nowadays, when he could not finish, he will pat his chest telling me that he is full, and will push the remains to me. He is such a clever and adorable boy.

There is a reason why I want to continue to do this. First, I want to make it a point that we shouldn’t waste food. We always told him that mummy wake up early in the morning to cook his porridge, and we must appreciate it. He seems to understand this. Secondly, I want to teach him the meaning of sharing. Nowadays, he will playfully take a spoon on his own and try to feed us too when we are feeding his. He is a clever boy and is learning up fast.

I don’t mind gaining some weight if I can educate him to be a sensible boy 🙂

14 thoughts on “A daddy’s job

  1. Andrew,

    You got to finish his porridge and biscuit, I still can accept, you need to drink his milk and puree, yikes. i can’t take baby formula milk. So creamy and so awful taste.

  2. it’s good we teach the young not to waste… but drinking leftover milk is not for me.. I normally only whack off her ‘clean’ leftover porridge or rice, but no to milk or pure.. eewww…

  3. Yea I agree with you, one of the daddy’s job is to finish his kid’s unfinished food, hehe. But in fact, mummy does that too~
    Well, it’s totally fine and we shall not waste any food!

  4. What?! In one of your previous posts, you mentioned your wifey pushes the rice part of the sushi to you to finish up, and now your son give your his leftovers?! Wow!! You will expand in no time!! Haha!! Better exercise more! : D

  5. Same here! All leftover food goes to the daddy first. If daddy is not around, then only mummy sapu whatever that’s left :p I don’t believe in wasting food too. This may appear to be something petty to some people… “aiya, 1oz only ma, just throw la”. Well, if you throw away 1oz everyday, in a few years, just imagine the accumulated amount wasted!

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