A day to remember

I’m finally back to work. I was at Penang last weekend attending my brother wedding dinner (wife’s side). My parents will be staying at Kampar, preparing the necessary at the grooms’s side. As the eldest, me and my wife represent my parents to join the dinner at Penang. I was tasked to give my brother blessings and wear the coat for him on his wedding day. My brother has finally grown up and is on his way to set up his own family now.


The “heng dai” (brothers in cantonese) have been supportive, and are more than willing to do whatever the ji mui (sister in cantonese) is asking. They even had to carry my brother from the ground floor to the second floor. Mind you, my brother weighted more than 80kg, but they manage to carry him with 4 person.



The last part that need to be done is a Gangnam style dance. Yes, they have to dance all the way to the bride’s door. A little bit of Gangnam style overdose!

9 thoughts on “A day to remember

  1. Congrats to your brother!
    Gangnam style is a trend these days, if all the heng dai and bridegroom can do this together, must be cool and fun!

  2. I love this tradition! There’s a lot in Sarawak too, although it’s not our original custom. I was heng tai for a couple of my friends, most tasks are fun, there was once someone put heaps of wasabi into kampua and I had to eat the entire plate.

    I can eat a lot of wasabi but that gave me indigestion. 😡

    Congrats to your brother Andrew! 🙂

  3. Your brother? Looks like you…like twins! I don;t know how this hengtai practice started – definitely not a traditional practice during my days. Will certainly not allow it if my daughter gets married. Would keep weddings sweet and romantic, solemn, formal and grand – not crazy like that…no class at all.

  4. I always take pity on the groom when come to wedding day… but nevertheless, guess everyone enjoys that moment… :p I am one culprit that loves to torture the groom and his heng tai… ppl say ah, you don’t show colour on the wedding day on behalf of the bride, the bride will get bully after marriage.. must show how ‘geng’ is the ‘chi mui’.. :p

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