Sneaking out…

Wifey and I manage to sneak out for some private times together last weekend while our boy is having his morning nap. He will usually took 2-3 hours nap, hence we will have sufficient time for our lunch. We bought some coupons from Groupon for a buffet lunch at Hokkaido, and we decided to make use of it while it is still valid. We arrived a little bit late, and the place is already steaming with customers. Luckily we called to book 2 weeks earlier.

It do not have much choice for a Japanese buffet. We only get to choose the sushi and hand roll available on the menu. At Rm19 per person, we simply could not ask for more. The sushi and hand roll is served on  a order basis, which means we will order whatever they have on their menu, and the items will be served in 5-10 minutes.

Out of the 2 hours we spent there, we managed to order 2 tray of this……

and this……my favorite hand roll.

Basically the sushi is awesome. Both of us like Japanese food, and we are enjoying our time there. But our tummy is filling up fast as the rice they used for the sushi is extremely in big portion. They have made it a rule that if the rice is not consumed, the restaurant will reserve the rights to charge the sushi at their original price.

And guess what my beautiful wifey did…She took the meat and left the rice for me. The same goes to the hand roll. She eat the top portion with the fillings and left the bottom for me. And I have to finish them as i do not wish to be charged later. I repeatedly told her that day…you are the culprits behind my fats! And she told me, sharing is caring…True enough 🙂

23 thoughts on “Sneaking out…

  1. Hahahahah, sneaking out ha, bro…any adults there for your children when both you sneaked out? Just be careful ya…………………….

    Last week, me and my lovely wife also used Groupon for some massage one hour RM58… but i really don’t want massage,, don’t really like it ..

    1. My MIL and family are looking after him while we sneak out for lunch…Have to be careful with deal sites. Some are real good deals and some are not…have to read through the fine prints before buying.

    1. We are the same too…Kenji boy always tag along with us everytime. We do not wish to leave him alone…he is too cute to be left alone at home, and furthermore we enjoy his companionship with us. But last week, we have to as 12pm is his nap time.

  2. RM19 per person for that??? *faints* But anyway, Japanese food is always very expensive – thankfully, I’m not too crazy about it.

    Hmmm…lucky for you that you’re staying with adults who can help keep an eye on your boy when you sneak out. When my daughter came, we either took turns to go anywhere…or we did not go anywhere at all – just stayed at home. When she grew bigger, it was always the three of us including going on holidays…but no regrets! Looking back, those were the best years of our lives.

    1. This is consider cheap. Japanese food is expensive. Both me and wifey loves Japanese food, so we will indulge ourselves in it once for a while. I’m glad that we are staying with my parents. They are taking care of our boy so well while we are not around.

    1. Haha…she do not bully me, only the fats on my belly. Being a conventional man, I do not really mind my appearances, hence do not mind absorbing all those fats..haha

  3. Haha! Your wife gave all the rice to you and ate the sashimi? Poor you. 🙂

    Yeah, I reckon they would charge if the rice is not eaten, otherwise it’ll be a pure sashimi buffet, and at RM 19, I’ll definitely go for that. 😀

    1. It’s a good deal. A lot of people are buying it, and we need to do an advance booking 2 weeks earlier before we can claim the coupon.

      1. Yeah, I agree, it’s a great deal! 🙂

        Even a 20% off platter of sushi for 4 (which is 2 meals for me) at Cold Storage is about that price and most of it is tamago and other stuff instead of salmon, tuna etc.

        Cheers buddy, it’s good to slip out sometimes and get away from it all. Huh, a good guide to fatherhood, your blog. 🙂

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