Getting him to sleep


He would normally take his morning nap after a meal of porridge and his poo poo business, but last saturday he suddenly became hyper active, and refused to sleep. I know he is exhausted and sleepy because he keep on rubbing his eye and yawn repeatedly. I put him inside his hammock, but he tossed and turned inside, and finally get up on his own. We have to let him out and play for a little while outside, but he continue to get cranky and wanted to be carried around. Familiar with such situation? Both wifey and I are exhausted and are cracking our heads on what is happening.

We try to give him a lot of stuff to play with including phone, car keys, just for him to stay inside his hammock but to no avail. Finally, mummy bring him his Pooh bear (he called it bear bear) and he finally dozed off after some lullabies.

I try to search around the web to see whether there are any similar cases or experiences. After some reading and thinking, I draw the conclusion that I might have been playing too hard with him too before I put him into his usual nap. I was playing with him, and he laughed away cheekily before mummy said its nap time and put him into his hammock. He do not even have the time to wind down. The explanation is simple. The boy fight the urge to nap because he is still interested with what is going on around the house. The curious child afraid that if he naps, he will miss out something interesting.

Hence, lesson learn – No more active playing before nap or sleep time. A lot of resources suggesting reading books before nap time is a good way to wind down the baby. We have been reading to him before bedtime. I think it’s time to introduce a slot for reading before his nap time as well.

19 thoughts on “Getting him to sleep

  1. I am not the type of person with lots of patience like u and ur wife or other parents. When I count to three and if they don’t stop all the nonsense they will get a whack from me…eventually everyone will be quiet…ahhahahhaha

    1. Hahahaha…Not sure whether i’m spoiling him, but i always believe love and patience when teaching kids. My wifey always said that I always become a good guy, and she have to become the bad one. haha

    1. Kenji is never on a pacifier before. We have a curtain in our living room, hence the room is just nice for a morning nap. It is the active activities we played earlier that have caused this.

  2. Seem like he want to play with daddy and refuse to nap. Before the nap & sleep time, can try those light activities eg. Singing, story, massage to calm him down.

  3. Good sharing here, Many new dad should link you up for more information about the baby. Yes, no active playing before sleeptime and nap time. Get baby into routine is very important.

    1. Wow…thanks for the compliments. I’m just sharing my thoughts here only. There are a lot more resources in the web for new parents. I might be the cause for this case, as I really play a lot with him in the weekends. I only able to see him in the weekend, hence must treasure the time well.

  4. Oh I know this feeling, although it’s my niece when she was still a baby. Had to get her to take a nap during the afternoon or she’ll be VERY VERY grumpy at night and it’s impossible to get her to sleep. Can’t say I have first hand experience but I took care of her that day and I let her stay up in the afternoon to play – got scolded by my sister (the mom) for that. Heh.

    Yeah, great sharing for future dads to be. Cheers Andrew! 🙂

    1. Yes, my boy is something like that too. He have to get sufficient sleep in the daytime, else he will be extremely cranky towards the evening. Sometimes, we really must follow the routine. You are learning up very fast too bro 🙂

    1. Haha yes..guess this is a dilemma for new parents like us. My boy never drive me to the wall, but my wifey will be a bit angry with his crankiness. Just give some love and patience, they will become better someday.

  5. Sing! My daughter would fell asleep instantly when I sang “Lullaby” – had to be that song, any other song, she would not fall asleep. But anyway, the bigger they grow, the more they would want to play…never mind how tired or sleepy…and so somebody would have to entertain them. Never mind, years from now, when you look back, these are the best times of your lives…

    1. I do sing….in fact a lot. I have been learning up lots of children lullabies after his arrival. He normally dozed off very fast when i sing, but that day he just tossed and turned in his hammock. My bad for playing too hard with him. Will need to plan out some story telling or drawing activity to bond with him before nap time soon.

    1. It is fine if he do not wish to sleep, but he will become cranky and rub his eyes. he actually wish to sleep but is fighting against it.

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