Expect the unexpected for expectant dad

I was given a task to write about 5 things for expectant dad this week from playground dad. My first article was featured here. To those who haven’t heard about this site, it is actually a site to connect the new generations of daddies around the world. Here we share our stories, our experiences in parenting, and also how we deal with everyday life as a daddy.

Writing this given task bringing back memories on how me and wifey expect the arrival of our Kenji boy. When the due dates draws nearer, we kept asking,”when he is coming?”. We became nervous especially when everyone commenting on the bulky load that my wifey is carrying, and she will be delivering very soon. The wait seems so long and never ending. We do not even dare to go outside too often during the last 2 weeks. We do not wish the water bag (amniotic sac) to be broken in the middle of nowhere and have to rush to the hospital. Our boy is finally delivered through induction, a week later than the delivery date. He must be too comfortable inside mummy’s womb and refused to come out so soon. Here is the 5 things that I would like to share for new expectant daddies or mummies when the delivery due date is around the corner.

#1Giving the support to your wife in the delivery room
If you haven’t attended to any antenatal classes, please register yourself and attend one. It is very important. When your wife start to have regular contractions during the delivery, the pain will be unbearable for her. She will be screaming in pain, but don’t panicked. Hold her hands and do the breathing exercise with her. No one can console and give strength to her like you do. This would help to lessen the pain. Up to now, I still couldn’t forget how my wife cried and screamed in the delivery room. Thanks god for giving us the strength to go through this safely.
#2Holding your baby for the first time
Try to be active in any antenatal classes that you joined. Asked and learn on the proper way of holding a baby. When I first saw my boy, the nurse asked me whether I wanted to hold my child. I told her that I learnt before, but I still do not have the confident. I’m still afraid that I will harm him in any way. The nurse smile and put my boy into my arm. I can say that holding your own baby in your embrace is a total bliss. It’s a feeling in the world that you could never imagine. There is nothing in the world that worth more than the little child in my arms.
#3First bonding time with your child
As I said, do not be afraid when carrying your child. Have courage and go for it. The first month bonding is important for both daddy and child. I bath him, wear his clothes, changing diapers, talk to him and even sing him some lullabies. Do whatever you can to start bonding with your child. He will start to recognize your face, and your voice when the days goes by. 
#4 Disruptions of sleep
After the baby arrived, be prepared for have lots of sleep disruptions. He will wake up in every 2-3 hours, crying out loud. Do not panicked when your baby cry. Newborn babies are very pure and innocent. As what I always told my wifey, they are either crying for milk or for a diaper change. They are much more predictable compare to a grown up toddler. Be responsive and try to observe, I believe you will know what every cried meant in a matter of few weeks. After everything is settled, you can catch up with your sleep. It would be a tiring month for participating daddy, but I bet you will forget the weariness when you first see your child smiles or looking at you.
#5 Support her during breastfeeding
I believe now everyone knows that breast milk remains the best milk for newborn. First time mummy breastfeeding would be difficult. I still remember that we have to try different position in order to get Kenji to suck well. At this period, mummy and baby are trying to find a position which are comfortable for both of them. Once the baby sucks well, breastfeeding can be done at ease. Why I say supporting your wife during breastfeeding? Because along the journey of parenthood, I came across too many people persuading us to feed my boy with formula milk. Be firm with your decision, and give her encouragements. Your wife will appreciate the effort you have done.

There are much more things that need to be done than what I mentioned above. Parenting  is a journey where you will learn, experiment and grow with your child. I will be sharing more when I have the time to write. Till then, happy parenting to all dads and mums!

Kenji boy lying on my thigh at 3 weeks old

9 thoughts on “Expect the unexpected for expectant dad

    1. Not yet, in planning stage now. How to relax when you have few kids running around the house? It would be 10 or 20 years later before we can relax.

  1. Not every dad can be as steady as you, Andrew! My husband is afraid of the sight of terrible pain and blood, thus he chose to remain at home when I delivered both babies. I preferred that too rather than having him faint in the hospital and make the situation more chaotic. He only came to the hospital when everything was over and the babies nicely bathed and dressed! But he did helped me stay up at night and was a pillar of strength during those breastfeeding days. 🙂

  2. Very nice Andrew! 🙂

    I like this. It gives future dads to be’s a reference. Heh.

    I heard about the deprivation of sleep too, haven’t been through it yet so I wouldn’t know personally but yeah I bet the reward of your baby smiling at you more than makes up for it.

    Cheers! 🙂

  3. Haha I thought your are expecting No. 2. Yes it’s wonderful to support your wifey and get involve in parenting too. Good job Andrew, your wifey must be very proud of you.

  4. Hmm, very good points! If only all husbands also can learn…… haha!
    My hubby din’t follow me into the labor room, he already said that when I was pregnant, but he supported me spiritually outside the room, LOL!

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