Of pneumococcal vaccination

We brought Kenji boy for pneumococcal vaccination last saturday. This vaccination is not available in government hospital, hence we went back to our pediatrician for the administration of the vaccination. To those who do not have an idea on pneumococal vaccination, it is a method of preventing a specific type of lung infection (pneumonia) that is caused by Pneumococcus bacterium. There are more than 80 different types of pneumococcus bacteria-23 of these are covered in the current vaccination. The vaccine is injected into the body to stimulate the normal immune system to produce antibodies that are directed against pneumococcus bacteria. You can read more about it here.

We arrived at the Ipoh Specialist hospital around 8am, a little bit earlier to prevent the crowd. We registered Kenji boy’s name, and wait for our turn. Kenji boy who cannot stand still run around the hospital happily, checking around every corners and bump into some people as well. I repeatedly told him that we are coming for an injection, to mentally prepare him for the vaccination later. Probably he still couldn’t understand the meaning of injection though he have gone through various type of vaccination since he was born. I let him run around, while following him closely behind.

Time is up and it was our turn. I carried him up and told him again that we are going for an injection. There will be slight pain but it will be fast. He gave me a confused look as we walked into the doctor’s room. The moment he see the doctor, he burst into tears. He must have remember the doctor quite well. He has been seeing this doctor since he was born. The doctor looked calm, asked my wifey and nurse to hold him tight, and voila the injection was done in less than a minute.

My poor boy. He continued to cry, and I have to carry him out of the room while wifey talks to the doctor. I try to put him onto the ground to see whether he is still interested to run around. He refused and clung on me tightly like a little koala bear. There are a few more vaccinations to go. I hope the repeated vaccinations would not traumatized him from seeing a doctor in the future.


12 thoughts on “Of pneumococcal vaccination

  1. oh poor boy.. my girl did not administer this injection even my pead gave me discounted rate :p My Pead says I can wait till she officially go to school, to save the first 3 injection $$ since my girl was always at home so chances of her exposing is minimal.

    Anyway, you can check with the doc which Company’s medication they are using, as one of the Company give 3+1free injection.

    One way to prevent my girl from ‘screaming’ for pain, my pead will always ask me to latch her so she will have the comfort when the needle went through. The risk is that she might bite if she is pain la.. :p thank GOD so far she didn’t.

    1. Oh…but my wife have totally stop breastfeeding when my boy turned 1 year old. Luckily she did not bite, if not, it will be a total agony for you. This is Kenji’s first injection. He needed 2 only as he is over one year old..

    1. Kenji too. The vaccination costs a whooping RM220. Hence we only go for it after he reached 1 year old to save the cost. Anyway we always stay home, and cutting off some risk of contracting the virus.

  2. Muahahahaha!!!! Cry baby!!! Don’t spoil him… It’s not really that painful. Kids often cry because they want to be manjakan… I remember I was like that – would only stop (and instantly too) when my dad promised to buy me a toy or a comic. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Hahaha…we are all kids before. He is literally spoiled by me as I’m the only one who will carry and pamper him whenever he cried. Wifey kept asking me not to do that, but I only get to see him only once a week. I still believes in love and patience when teaching him.

  3. Just treat injection as a normal doctor visit, don’t act nervous when bringing kid for injection. My girls cried when they were still babies, after turning toddlers, no more crying when injection.

    1. We are not really nervous. I’m just trying to let him know that we are going for an injection and try to calm him down just in case he is afraid of the doctor or the pain. Guess Kenji is still too young to understand.

  4. oh poor boy. ashley was terrified of the doctor when she was a baby up till she’s 3. she stopped only after i bought her a set of doctor’s toy to play 🙂 hey, why do you go to the gynae and not a paediatrician?

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