He pushed me away…

This is not the first time he did this. In fact, he has been doing this since he was 8 months old. But now his action is getting intense as he is gaining more strength to push me away. Do you know why my Kenji boy is doing this to me? Just because I…

……cuddle his mummy. We do not cuddle when he is in front of us, because knowing him, he will push me away. I do not want him to hate me for cuddling his mummy. But last Sunday, he refused to sleep and ran away from mummy. Hence, wifey thought of leaving him to play on his own for a while, do not bother about him and turned herself to cuddle me.

My immediate reaction was throw my arms on her, and as soon as he saw me cuddling his mummy, he stopped everything. He come back to us and hit me with his hands. Wifey ask me to ignore him, and that is where things come worse. He mess up my hair, smeared my face with his saliva filled hands, keep on pushing me away, and finally broke into tears. I left wifey’s embrace, and he quickly cuddle his beloved mummy like a cute little bear. He fall asleep after that inside mummy’s embrace.

I always tell this to wifey…you belongs to your Kenji boy!

p/s:  I’m not envy, in fact glad that he is so close to his mummy. Wifey breastfeed him for one whole year before calling it a journey. She read, sing and sleep to him every night. Hence, it is absolutely normal that he have such reactions. Thanks to my gold medal wifey for taking care of our Kenji boy so well.


22 thoughts on “He pushed me away…

  1. LOL!!! Of course lah!!! You, not at home most of time, so he’s closer to mummy…your bonding not so strong and boys usually closer to their mums. I remember a teacher who went on a course for three months – one night, she phoned home and her kid called her “Auntie”. She cried and cired… LOL!!!!

    1. I do agree that boys are usually closer to mummy. That is why I always told wifey that I wanted a daughter for my second child. haha…pity your colleague. She must be very sad.

    1. That is what I feel i’m lucky at. I have 2 healthy parents taking care of him during daytime, and a dedicated wifey taking care of him at night. Kenji is a blessed baby 🙂

  2. In fact as my girls grow older…they are sticking more to their daddy. When they were small they dun even my hubs to carry them. Now they want to sleep with their daddy..ahahahha. Kenji boy is still small..when he grows older…he will appreciate mommy & daddy equally.

  3. Haha! Mr. Freud has a theory for that. 😉

    I think all kids are like that – I once said I want to marry my mom when I was a little boy of 7. My sister said she wanted to marry my dad. Haha!

    Love reading about your journey on being a dad bro! 🙂

    1. Children have a sense of belongings. They thought that mummy only belongs to them. I only come home once a week (working in Penang), hence this is quite normal that he is more attached to his mummy.

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