Do you dare to sit on it?

During my last trip to Taiwan, I was brought to a buffet restaurant specializing of serving prawns. I did not took any photos of the food, as I was with a large group of people consists of managers and directors. There is nothing much to shout about the food though, but it was all about prawns. If wifey followed me in this trip, I would not be able to step inside the restaurant, not to mention dining in. Oopsss….But, while waiting for our queue to be served, this is something that caught my eyes.

They are stools with a weight scale on it. I determine to sit on it to see how much I weight before I have the feast. I sit on it, andย weightedย 75kg. I weight on it again after the meal, and I’m gaining 0.5kg. Not bad huh? I challenged some of my colleagues to sit on it, but nobody dares. If you drop by this restaurant, would you sit on it?

26 thoughts on “Do you dare to sit on it?

  1. I will sit on it. Nothing to lose, just to see how much food I consumed. A note though, liquid is usually heavier than solid food.

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