Reminiscing on the things we did last weekend

It’s already Thursday this week. Time is flying off every working week, and very soon it will be Friday – the day I will be seeing my wifey and cuddling my cutie pie. As I said, we are at my in laws house at Menglembu last weekend. We happened to pass by a stall selling ballons on our way for breakfast. Kenji boy kept looking at the balloons, pointing at them even when we are walking off.

We had our breakfast, and before getting back into the car, I ran across the road and bought him a “Nemo ”Β balloon. The balloon cost me RM4. I was wondering the price of a balloon in my younger days – should be less than RM1 if I’m not mistaken. But as long as Kenji boy love it, I don’t really mind the price. According to mummy, he played and carry the balloon around the house everyday.

Now, whenever me or wifey having something to eat, Kenji boy would approach us, begging us to give him a share. That very afternoon, wifey was having some yogurt we bought the day before. Kenji boy climbed on her lap, and try to seize the spoon from her. We normally do not give him stuff that we just taken out from the fridge, but since that day is a pretty hot day, we gave in and let him have a try on the yogurt.

He took it greedily, opened his big big mouth and took a big gulp of the yogurt. Look at his face. He quivered a bit at the taste of the yogurt. It must be sour to him. Mummy tried to offer him a second try, but he walked away. I guess he is just not used to yogurt. I read in some parenting forum that children would like yogurts. I’m wondering how to teach him to like it. Perhaps I should choose some brands with a sweeter taste. Any opinions?


19 thoughts on “Reminiscing on the things we did last weekend

  1. I buy those natural yogurt and blend in fresh fruits, such as mango, grapes, berries, even honeydew and so forth to have the ‘sweetness’. My girl only allow to take those ‘store bought’ flavoured yogurt when she turned 3 yrs old coz I afraid of the ‘ingredient’ they put in the flavour. Yogurt is a good way to get calsium too! By blending in room temperature fruits, it bring down the ‘cold’ in yogurt too.

  2. You can try making your own yoghurt with sweeter fruits like bananas or sweet strawberries in it to entice him to eat… he might not like the one he ate cuz it might be too sour for him…mebbe you can make your own. Pretty easy… all you need is just warm milk, one spoonful of plain yoguhurt and fruits of your choice. I’ll dig out the recipe and share with you soon. πŸ˜€

    1. Btw I am not sure is it my IE setting or your blog, I received several security alerts whenever I wanna open your blog page or leave you a comment, kinda troublesome though πŸ˜‰

    2. Both me and wifey love it too πŸ™‚

      On the security alert part, I try with several computer and could not locate the error. Let me get back to I’m not too sure about it now.

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