Our first try on mille crepe cakes

Having been poisoned by Arthur on his posts of mille crepe cakes, I told my colleagues that we need to get one to satisfy our taste buds as well as celebrating my colleague’s birthday. Not many cake shops offered crepe cakes, hence after some research and recommendation from friends, we ended up with “Humble Beginnings“. It is an online cake store, and provide free delivery around Penang. That sounds to be a good deal for us.

The box was beautifully wrapped with a brown ribbon, giving out some sense of elegance. We ordered a lemon cream cheese.

There are not much decoration on the cake, after all it is meant to be eaten right? All of us haven’t tried a mille crepe cake before, hence this is a new experience for us. I love the cake textures. Eating through the layers of creams with a light tint of lemon flavor brought a feeling of goodness to the mouth and my teeth are chewing them non stop. 🙂

Overall judgement from my colleagues on the lemon cheese mille cake is good, though some of them said that the lemon is making it too sour, and prefer it to be sweeter to her liking. My taste bud couldn’t tolerate a very sweet version, hence the cake is fine for me.

Those in Penang and are looking for mille crepe cakes, you might want to give this shop a try. We are planning to have another one for the next birthday. Last but not least, a picture of the birthday boy. Happy Birthday my friend!


12 thoughts on “Our first try on mille crepe cakes

  1. Aiyor!!!!! Put the blame on me!!! Sob! Sob! Muahahahahahaha!!!!! Oh dear, the cream already melted…should have put in the fridge to chill for a while. Lemon, of course, a bit tangy and sour lah!!! Here, we have vanilla…rum and raisin…double chocolate – all nice plus cheaper and bigger some more. Wanna come to Sibu and try? Wink! Wink!

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