Accustoming with new shoes

He started to walk when he was 51 weeks old, just 2 weeks close to his first birthday. He has been holding on sofas or railings to guide and support him since 10 months, and finally letting go his “golden” hands at the 51st week. He will walked a few steps, stop for a while, and continued. Within 2 weeks, he became bolder, and is taking bigger and frequent steps.  He is now able to walk around the house without assist, and is anticipating running when his cousin chase him from behind.

Despite of gaining the confidence through the practices at home, he do not shows any interest to walk when we put on his shoes, not to mention that he even tried to take the shoes off. He kept clinging to us during our first visit to the park, and when we put him down, he refused to walk. I guess he is not used to something under his feet, and he need time to familiarize himself with the shoe.

We are at the park again last week. As usual, we put on his shoes in order for him to get onto ground later. He attempted to take off his shoes, but mummy diverted his attention by talking and singing to him. He still refused to get onto ground, and clinging on us when we get to the park. 😦

We met our brother’s family at the park, and when Kenji boy saw his favorite “kor kor” (brother) there, he start to forget about his shoes, and even struggle to get down.

Meeting up with “kor kor”

And when his “kor kor” walked away, he put up his first step and followed. But he is still not used to the shoes and fall down onto the grass. Hence, papa hold his hands and walked with him from behind.

Finally walking on the new shoes with papa

Lesson learnt: Encouragement from peers and parents is very important in a child’s learning and development. We will be tagging along with his “kor kor” more frequently from now on.


11 thoughts on “Accustoming with new shoes

    1. Yup, proper usage of peer pressure is needed in development. The chances they follow what their peers did is very high, so as parents, we need to watch closely. He is already running, but not fast enough to catch his cousin brother.

    1. Every child is special in their own ways, and are different when it comes to social developments. But children are learning very fast nowadays, thanks to the technology that we have.

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