A gift from our friendly neighbour

Wifey was grumbling on the dust that has accumulated on her car, and kicked my lazy butt to give her car a clean, while she bathe Kenji boy. I was scrubbing and cursing the bird’s poo on the roof at the same time – the stain is so hard to be removed. Splash after splash of water is poured onto the car, leaving it sparking clean. Just went I’m almost done, the kids next door came outside and greeted me.

“Hello uncle,”both of them greet me.”Hi, going out for dinner?,”I replied. “Yes, we have something for Kenji boy”,they exclaimed. I walked over to see what they have. To my surprise, they lift up a toy car over the fence to me. “Wow, thank you very much,”I thanked them gratefully. ‘That’s not all,”they continued and handed me not one but another two beautiful toy cars. I waved them goodbye while they get on their cars and went out for dinner.

The array of toy cars for Kenji boy

We already have one toy bike at home (the one at the far left). I intend to buy another one as both Kenji boy and his cousin brother are always arrogating over the only toy car we have in our home. It seems like I do not have to purchase another one for now. The cars we have at home now is more than enough for the two boys to play and bang around.

As for my boy, he went to try out all the cars. He sit on them, going for one big circle around the sofa, and hit to another car. He is having fun with his new toys. I will be waiting for his cousin brother to come over in the next weekend to have some real car banging fun.

Too many and don’t know which one to choose

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