Driving car on his own

Remember I write about how Kenji loves cars, and loves to goes on car rides here.  Now even when we went outside, he will struggle to go to the front seat. Wifey will normally pull him back and ask him to sit properly, but that does not prevent him moving around.

He will actively move around, crawling here and there, climbing up and down – all this action at the rear seat. Sometimes I’d be thinking whether my boy is a little bit too active, but somehow I loves him to be in such a way. At least, he never fail to cheer me up with his adorable actions and cheeky look.

Last week, when I pull over at a nearby petrol station to refill, he climb over to my seat and took over the wheel. Vroom Vroom……

8 thoughts on “Driving car on his own

  1. boys are always boys.. their love for cars always there… I think there is this toy that you can buy and put at the back seat which assembles like the steering for him to play while he sit in his car seat.. just to make sure he enjoy his car ride, and don’t fuss and climb up and down… danger.. hehehe..

    1. Yea, it’s dangerous. That is why I’m always the chauffeur, while he will sit at the rear seats with mummy. Let me look around whether there are such toys. I’m sure he will like that.

  2. Waaaaahh.. cute boy.. but sometimes it’s dangerous to let them hold the wheel.

    my nephew likes to do like what Kenji does.. and one day, bro parked in front of a coffee shop, out of a sudden, that little nephew crawl here and there, and just went to step on the *vroom* pedal .. and that *vrooooooom* sound made everyone in the coffeeshop stood up and ready to run away T_T

    1. Wow, that is dangerous. We will not let him be, we will be watching him and pulling him off if we sense him doing something outrageous, like stamping on the oil pedal. Kids nowadays. haha

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