Of ancient chinese practice

During my last business trip to Taiwan, my supplier happened to ask me how old is my Kenji Boy. “Almost 1 year old”, I gladly replied while thinking of my cheeky Kenji boy. He further inquired on the celebration that we are going to have. I told him that it would be a normal celebration among family members, and a cake cutting ceremony. He looked at me in disbelief, asking me further whether we will put some objects or toys (such as coins, books, abacus, brush pen) around the child, and wait to see which object that he is going to pick.

According to ancient chinese beliefs, the object chosen by the baby will foreshadows his/her future life. If he picks up a book, he might become a scholar. If  he picks up an abacus, he might become a businessman. I heard of such practices before, but never heard of anyone practicing it here, hence would like to give it a try. I asked my mum about it. “My son, since when you are so superstitious,” exclaimed my mum. “Just for fun only, let’s see what he will pick up”, I gave her a wink.

I searched around the house to see what I have for him. I chose the objects he haven’t seen before so that he won’t be biasing over the objects. I got a book which I just bought from Aeon and also a pen. I do not have an abacus, hence replacing it with a calculator. I hop over to the kitchen and found a medicine syringe.

Items selected for Kenji

Now, I have four objects. If he choose a book, he will be a scholar. If he picks the calculator, a business man he will become. If he reach for the pen, he will be an author. If he get himself the medicine syringe, he will become a doctor. We stay back and put him at a distance. He walked to the objects, and he pick up……..

A pen…So, Kenji boy will become an author, writer or perhaps a blogger. Hahahaha.

Anyway, this is really just for fun. I only wish Kenji boy growing up healthy and happy, becoming a good and righteous person in the society, while remaining cheeky to his daddy 🙂

11 thoughts on “Of ancient chinese practice

  1. Ahhhhh!!!! An intellectual in the making. As the English proverb goes: “The pen is mightier than the sword.” With such loving parents like you, I am sure things will turn out real good eventually. Parental love, bonding and lots of quality time spent together – these would be the most important in the upbringing of a child.

    P.S. Now, why would you need a syringe in the house?

    1. Totally agree on this. Though I only meet with my family every weekend, I’d be spending 100% of my time bonding with them. I believe interacting and bonding with children works better than putting children in front of the TV, or pampering them with a lot of toys.

      The syringe is meant for injecting the medicines into his struggling mouth when he was sick previously. Its is hard to spoon feed, hence our paed gives us the syringe to inject directly.

    1. Yup, ancient chinese practice. I share this on facebook, and found some of my friends are observing this when their child turns 1yo. But as I said, this is just for fun. We cannot take it too seriouly 🙂

    1. We shouldn’t. We should let the child explore on their own, and as parents, we guide and help them along the way. This is just for fun only…haha. By the he becomes an author, I’d be retired. 🙂

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