Of car rides and car racing

I think I mentioned before my Kenji boy loves cars. Not only he loves cars, he loves rides too. Every time we went to Tesco, we will pass by all these cars rides for children. Whenever he saw them, he will whimper and point his fingers to these rides. We will usually give in to him, as we only go out once a week. After all, it is only 5o cents per ride.

He will go in, steering the wheels, and move his body according to the music. So cute of him. He will keep on steering, occasionally moving his hands to touch the buttons underneath the steering. He will do this for a good 5 mins, until the rides stop. He will usually begging for more, but mummy will normally say NO!

We are at Tesco again last week. On our way to the car park, Kenji saw the arcade car racing, and pointed me there. I abide, and there he is steering the wheel again. My heard went for him, hence I put in RM1 into the slot and let the race begin. It’s an amazing race, although we collided with other cars many many times. Nothing is more wonderful than racing it with your boy!

5 thoughts on “Of car rides and car racing

  1. Heh! It’s nice to see all this. Kids grow up too fast!

    My niece is not a baby anymore and my newborn nephew is though I haven’t seen him in person – that will happen this weekend during our family reunion. 🙂

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