My gold medal wifey

I was reading a gold medal hubby entry from one of the blogger friend, and this thought came across my mind – why don’t I write a gold medal wifey post since I got one at home, after all the Olympic games is just over right?

Did anyone ever curious about how I can work alone at Penang, leaving my family at Ipoh, while maintaining my sanity? Some people wonders how I have the energy to drive back and forth Penang every week. All because I have a gold medal wifey and my gold medal parents who took care of my humble little home painstakingly.

When Kenji was conceived, we are determine give him the best we have, which is none other than mummy’s breast milk. We are putting a 6 month goal, before the breastfeeding can be stopped. But wifey did not stop after 6 month, in fact she continue until Kenji is 11 months old, until she can’t tolerate the continuous bites from the naughty Kenji boy. Thanks to wifey, Kenji is growing up healthy and smart.

We did not hired any confinement lady for wifey’s confinement. Meals was literally cooked by my mum, so does chores around the house during daytime. Kenji was fully taken care by wifey at night. Imagine a new mum, with her hubby at a faraway place, all alone battling with cries of her baby at night and countless of sleepless night due to breastfeeding. Barring all the difficulties behind her, she did not complain, and keep on assuring me that she and Kenji is doing well at home.

Before married, her favorite moment is indulging in her dramas. Since Kenji is born, she is not able to complete even one movie as Kenji boy will be disturbing, or nagging her to the bedroom. Only when I’m back for the weekend, she only have the time to catch one or two episodes, and that’s all because her big baby (me) also demands for attention.

She is not only a good mummy, but also a darling to me. She is very thoughtful when comes to me too. Everytime when I come out from a shower, I would find selected clothes folded on our bed. I do not have to open the closet to get myself clothes. Speaking of clothes, she would neatly fold and arrange all my working clothes in a Monday to Friday order, to avoid me messing the clothes when taking them out. She would ensure that I’m wearing only the cleanest and presentable clothes.

I’m a very forgetful person, and she’s an attentive and detailed woman. She is the one who constantly helping me to find the keys, which I forgot where I put. She also the one who purposely wake up early to give me a morning call whenever I’m going for a business trip. I do set alarm for such trips, but she worried that I couldn’t make it.

I almost burst in laughter when I read in Yan’s post that her hubby is checking her purse and replenish some cash inside. Wifey will check my wallet weekly, and will ensure at least Rm100 inside the wallet. A tidy person she was, she helped to clean my wallet every time I’m back from trip. I used to put all my receipts inside my wallet, as I need them to file a claim when I’m back to office. She will arrange these receipts according to the transaction date, and keep them in an envelope for me. Some people do mind their wife checking on their wallet, but for me, what is there for me to mind for?

Did I mention before that my wifey is a cleanfreak? She would offer herself to wipe my mouth clean after every meal. The same goes to Kenji boy, getting his mouth wiped all the times from mummy. We are the most lucky guy in the world!

There are still a lot of things that she did for me and the family worth mentioning, but I’m stopping here as the post is getting a bit long. If I have the time, I will continue to write on my gold medal wifey.


17 thoughts on “My gold medal wifey

    1. LOL merryn. Some man put action first rather than words. William could be this type. As long as he shoulder the responsibility to you and Ethan, and bring warmth to the family, he is already your gold medal hubby! Cheers 🙂

  1. Kudos to Ice. She’s indeed a Gold Medal…or more like a priceless gem like what I told Yan about her hubby. So, Andrew, you have to treat Ice very well 🙂

  2. Muahahahahahahahaha!!!! LOL @ Merryn’s comment! So sweet of you to appreciate your wife for all that she does. Many will just take things for granted. Marriage works both ways – must give and take…so make sure you do not take only, must always give in your own ways as well.

    1. Thanks Yan. I got the inspiration to write from the gold medal hubby entry in your blog. I’m blessed to have her in my life, and would love her till the end.

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