The weaning continues…

The weaning process that wifey has been doing for more than a month, started to show some success. Indeed there are always a silver lining behind every clouds right? It was really a nightmare for wifey when he keep on biting. Do read about it here.

We have tried nipple shield, lime juice or just letting him cry, but all these methods are not working. It happens one night when we bring him out to Aeon for shopping. Now, Kenji boy together with his kor kor (his cousin) loves Aeon as they get to ride on the Mickey mouse stroller. So, we are there for our shopping, and without realizing, it was almost 10pm. Kenji boy usually sleeps at 8pm every day.

I saw him rubbing his eyes, and urge wifey to go back. Within minutes inside the car, he is already sleeping soundly inside mummy’s embrace. He must be very tired. Upon reaching home, we changed him to his pyjamas, and wifey bring him upstairs to sleep, while I settle the chores downstairs.

I went up after a while, and was surprise to see that Kenji has slept. “Did you let him suck?” I asked wifey surprisingly. “No, just give him some water, and sing a song only”, she replied. I was so pleased to hear that. “If this helps, we can do this again tomorrow,” I chuckled.

We did not manage to go out the next day, and before 8pm, he is urging us to go to bed with him. Wifey began to worry, and at  the same time hoping that he would behave like the day before. We went up, read some books and play a while before wifey signals me to turn off the light. Wifey give him the lukewarm water that she has prepared earlier, and surprisingly he took it again. Some lullabies followed, and there he is, sleeping while hugging to his bolster. 🙂

However, when he wake up in the middle of the night, he will be tossing and turning, and give out those whimpering sounds. We did try to use the same trick by giving him the warm water, but he completely refused. He will continue to whimper, until mummy cannot tolerate and have to give in to him.

I think we still need some time, slowly teach him not to suck at night. He is a one year old boy now, and understands us when we are trying to talk to him. I’m sure the day will come soon when he will be completely weaned off. Let’s end this post with a photo of my cheeky boy – clowning in the car.

14 thoughts on “The weaning continues…

  1. Some kids will go on and on…even up to 2 or 3 years and the poor mummies already dry to the bone! Let’s hope your boy will grow out of it soon. A nephew of mine would suck the mummy’s big toe! LOL!!!

  2. Well, this would be helpful when I have a kid. 🙂

    Hey, seriously, I have one question that I’ve been really curious about – since babies wake up frequently during the night and parents are usually very sleep deprived, wouldn’t you be tired all the time?

    Or is it one of those things that you need to be a parent to really understand?

    1. Huai Bin, the quick answer is yes, we would be tired all the time, especially for the first year when mummy need to wake up to breast feed the baby. It’s a tiring process, but at the same time, we would feel happy and blessed to see the little one growing up healthy. Parenting is not an easy journey, especially for first time parents like me. It came with a lot of experiments, leanings, and patience, but I still feel good about it. To our parents who brought us up, it’s time for us to pay back as well 🙂

  3. Well my boy wean off by himself at 14 months old. Then I continue to feed him express breast milk for few more months. He fall sick, and refuse to latch on me as he couldn’t breath well with his blocked nose.
    Yes it’s really good to wean him off so both mother & baby can have a long and good night sleep as they prefer to suck for comfort. You and your wifey have to be hard hearted to wean him off. It use to take few nights to wean him off completely. Try it on this coming Hari Raya holiday. Good luck.

  4. gambateh to your wifey and yourself ah.. hope Kenji boy decides to wean soon on his own… I can understand how your wifey feel… since I had mine attached for 3 years already!! btw, your wifey will miss the ‘attachement’ when wean off… be ready..

    1. 3 years is really a long journey. Your princess is so lucky. Not sure whether she will miss the bonding times or not, as she has been complaining for lack of sleep, due to the night feeding.

    1. LOL, why emphasize that it is from the bottle. haha.
      We plan to cut off him night feeding by giving him heavier evening feedings that can last him a night.

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