I’m a 1 year old boy TODAY!

He was crying frantically upstairs, and I immediately rush up together with wifey’s meal and soup to check out what is happening. Wifey was sitting on our bed, trying to figure out why he cries. “Could he be hungry?”, a question strikes through our mind. Wifey offers him her breast, but he refused. We checked whether he has a fever, and NO, he do not have a fever. Next, we check his diaper. Ah, yes he has pooped, and we need to change his diaper.

We have been diligentlyΒ practicing and improving these troubleshooting skills ever since we brought him back from the hospital. We are learning everyday on how to take care of him, and he is learning on how to communicate with us. Time flies, and while me and wifey are still reminiscing on the good memories we have with him ever since he join us, he is a ONE year old boy TODAY!

My Kenji boy

It seems like a long journey, and yet we feel so short. We no longer can carry him as we usually does, unless he is willing to. He will want to go down to the floor, and explore on his own now. He can stand firmly, and will do some dancing when he is happy. Last Friday, he took his first bold step to lift up his leg and move forward. Yes, my little boy is learning to walk. He became braver when the days goes by, and he is taking more steps before going back to the floor. Soon enough, he will be running around the house. I have been anticipating him to start walking soon, but at the same time I’m going to miss the moment of carrying him around.

We had a simple dinner outside last weekend to celebrate his birthday. My in laws are joining us for the dinner too. It was a good dinner with smiles and laughter. Kenji is lucky to have so many people showering love on him. We had the cake cutting ceremony at home as it was approaching bedtime for my dear little boy.Β He enjoyed the crowd, clapping his chubby little hands cheerfully while we sing him the birthday song.

Kenji’s birthday cake

That night after the celebration, I look intently at him, while he sleeps. He is a lot taller now, and the pyjamas he wore seems to be a bit tight now. Papa and mummy have to shop for some new clothes for him soon. My boy has really grown a lot. Sometimes, I do hope that this moment will pause – a pause for me to enjoy this moment a little bit longer, before he eventually grow up to become a little toddler.

Happy Birthday to my Kenji Boy. May you grow up big and strong, intelligent and brave, giving people around you warmth and happiness like what you have given to papa and mummy. Papa and mummy will always love you!

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