Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Booster Set Giveaway By Mumsgather

First thing first, thanks to Cynthia for sharing the opportunity to win this hot wheels wall tracks mid air madness booster set giveaway by Mumsgather. I know that I have to jump in to participate on this when I first saw it in her post. Needless to guess, this is meant for my Kenji boy, and oh boy, he loves cars!

We have only a set of Ikea automobiles for him at home. The automobiles was given as a gift from wifey’s close friend to Kenji. He will always pick them up, push them forward, and chase after them. Sometimes, he will put them into his mouth, and this is when papa will give him a stern look. He will react innocently, taking the parts out from his mouth and throw them away. He is just so cute.

I wish luck will be on my side this week. I’m sure I will have a good time with Kenji boy if I ever win this. To those who would like to try your luck, you still have time until this Friday 10th. For more information, do visit Mumsgather blog here. Good luck!


About Andrew

I'm a fatty hubby to my wifey, a naughty daddy to my baby and a witty guy for my friends!
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6 Responses to Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid Air Madness Booster Set Giveaway By Mumsgather

  1. mumsgather says:

    Is daddy going to play this more or Kenji?

  2. Wow, hot wheels, miss them. Now they even can be stuck on the walls? So cool.

  3. suituapui says:

    Good luck! Hope you win…for Kenji, of course! LOL!!!

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