Mummy Birthday celebration

Was really behind my post. I wish to write as frequent as I can, but somehow work has taken a toll of my time. I loves to write ever since I started this blog. It gives me a peace of mind, relaxing from work, and reminiscing on the time I spent with my family in the past weekend. As promised earlier, I’d like to share my mum’s birthday celebration at Mun Choong restaurant.

Mun choong restaurant at Pasir Putih

According to mum, 61st birthday is a big birthday (dai sou in cantonese), hence we need to make it big and memorable for her. We ordered a four seasons dish, cod fish and the restaurant well known seafood pot – consist of sea cucumber, mushroom, fish maw and etc. Not forgetting some vegetables and tofu (bean curd) to supplement the meal. The final dish is the longevity noodle, which is a must (according to my dad) for a birthday meal. Our hands are already working on the cod fish and seafood pot, when my wifey suddenly reminds me that I haven’t took the photos for my blog. LOL.

We bought her a jelly fruit cake as my mum do not like too much icings on a cake. “Mummy, all of us will always love you” is written on top of the cake to remind her on how much we love and appreciate her. I hope that she will have a longer life and we can have this occasion every year 🙂

The birthday girl cutting the cake

10 thoughts on “Mummy Birthday celebration

  1. 61? I thought must celebrate the tens…50 or 60 or 70 or 80 and so on? And must celebrate the year before? 50, must celebrate at 49…and say 50. Dunno lah…all these Chinese customs and superstitions. I don’t bother – just celebrate all… Just once a year mah!

  2. Happy Birthday to you mummy… Mun Choong seems like a ‘birthday’ restaurant ah.. I remembered those days, when we do birthdays for my grandma, we will choose Mun Choong too… hehehe..

  3. A wonderful birthday dinner for your lovely mom. I like those four seasons dish serve at Chinese restaurant, variety of hot appetizers and yummy too.

    1. I like that too. I used to eat a lot at this very first dish when I was young, and usually end up very full after the 3rd or 4th dish.

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