When he sleeps

I was missing Kenji again this morning. I do not have chance to talk to him often, as I need to wait until wifey is back home to turn on her skype. To cure, I would browse through the pictures I collected since he arrives to my world in my computer. I miss him…

Did you watch your child when they are sleeping? I loves watching him when he sleeps. That is partly the reason why I like to rock him to sleep in his hammock. I’d sing some lullabies, while rocking the hammock with one hand, and patting his bum bum with another hand. Watching him slowly closed his eyes and finally dozed off is a joy to me, and would warm my heart.

I has been doing this every weekend since he arrives. He has grown, but his sleeping style remains almost the same. I hope that I can continue to do this for a while, before mummy and grandma decided to wean him off the hammock.

Posted from Taipei.

12 thoughts on “When he sleeps

    1. Yes, its the feeling of peacefulness and serenity when you looked at them. My mum want to wean him off soon, probably after he reach his 1 year old birthday!

  1. oh Kenji boy sleep in candle, no wonder his head so round and nice. I wean off both my kids when their are 1 year plus, cause they start doing stunt in the candle.

    1. Kenji already start doing stunt in the hammock, probably the reason why my mum wanted to wean him off that thing. It is a dangerous thing if they keep turning around inside the hammock, and might fall down.

    1. It’s time according to my mum. He has been doing stunt in that hammock after he wake up. But I would love to rock that hammock for a while again 🙂

  2. Sarong? Haiyor…it will be a problem if you wish to travel. No sarong = no sleep. Almost a year old now, can start getting used to sleeping in a bed. Your MIL stays with you, helping to take care? That’s so nice. So good to give somebody living together to lend a hand.

    Kids look so peaceful when they sleep… Your son’s growing very big now – going to be a strong and tough kid, by the looks.

    1. Yes, that is the reason why my mum want to wean him off that hammock. My mum stay with my wife at Ipoh, helping us to take care. I really appreciate this. It’s a peace of mind having someone you trust to take care of your kids. 🙂

  3. I like to let my children sleep in sarung until 2 or 3 years old – its like letting them sleep in mommy’s womb. But I used a bigger sarung with a mattress put below it.

    1. Yes, It’s like sleeping in mummy’s womb. It is the most comfortable place to be. We did put a mattress underneath too, afraid that he will fall down.

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