Mickey mouse stroller at Aeon

We are at Aeon Station 18 last weekend again. We were delighted to found out that the mall has introduce a new stroller for children – Mickey mouse stroller. We have a stroller on our own, but our’s is a conventional stroller that have a safety belt that ties the children onto it. Kenji do not like the stroller, when he learn that it is much more comfortable to be carried in papa or grandpa’s arm.

The new Mickey stroller

My boy loves holding onto a steering – He just loved spinning it round, turning and play with it. His cousing brother shared the same sentiments with him, hence when they get together, our house will be upside down. Here they are sharing the Mickey stroller. The stroller can fit 2 young children – His cousin brother, zhi heng is 2 years old.

Brothers in the stroller

This stroller comes with a basket to put our shopping loots. It’s an ease to shop now, and papa’s arm can take some rest. The stroller is available at the information counter. They will keep your driving license until the stroller is returned. I think this is to prevent theft. Hopefully my boy would not be bored with this stroller too soon 🙂

Posted from Taiwan.


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8 Responses to Mickey mouse stroller at Aeon

  1. wow.. nice strollers that they got.. I normally just use the shopping trolley.. LOL!

  2. suituapui says:

    You’re in Taiwan? Wow!!! You do get around I see! The other day in Thailand… Where next?

  3. Ipohgal says:

    What a way to lure parents to go shopping but I think kids will be kids…..they will get bored soon, just like with their toys at home!

  4. Barbara Ng says:

    wow, i guess these strollers must be very popular at Aeon huh? I think every kid wants to sit on it 😛

  5. Andrew says:

    Yes, it is very popular for a start now. Sometimes,we have to wait for it as the stroller is limited.

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