Big tree Yong Tau Foo

Last week, we are at the famous Big Tree Yong Tau Foo for breakfast. We are there by 8.30am to avoid the crowd at a later time. As usual, we will order a bowl of fish paste (Yong Tau Foo) to share between me and wifey.

When we are having noodles nowadays, we will order a kway teow soup for Kenji. He could not take a bowl of noodle, hence we will normally order one bowl and share some with him. Both me and wifey share a passion for curry noodles, but now we have to take turn to have the curry noodles. One of us will need to finish off the kway teow soup. It was my turn to have curry noodle last week. 🙂

I will always have my favorite jelly with shaved ice (Won tau long in cantonese) here. I loves this a lot. The lime juice coupled with the jelly and syrup makes it a nice treat after a sweating breakfast.

From left: Jelly with shaved ice, Curry noodle and various fish paste

Posted from Taipei 🙂

9 thoughts on “Big tree Yong Tau Foo

  1. I like that place too.. only that it’s not that humid in the afternoon.. LOL! talking about food with kids, I tried feeding my girl with chili since only 2 of us, and I got to train her eat what I eat, and not the other way round.. LOL! *bad mummy*

  2. Gosh, you are making me drool again. Wan tau long is my hubby’s fav but I still prefer those colourful jellies. I forgot the name already. I ate it once in Pasir Pinji which a lady sold them on her tricycle just right outside a coffeeshop at the junction.

  3. Heard of this place before but did not have a chance to go during my one-day trip to Ipoh many years ago. Hope to go again some day. You take me jalan2 cari makan, can?

  4. This is one of my family’s favorite eating place when we are back in Ipoh – it is cheaper to eat Yong Tau Foo in Ipoh compared with KL. Yes, I loved the Wan Tau Long too and the colorful jellies Barb mentioned – it was called “Sek Lau.”

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