Lunch with Fai Kee Restaurant

When it always comes to meal time, I’ve this standard behavior of nagging wifey for a suggestion. An ex-customer service she was, she is very familiar with most of the food junctions in Ipoh as she needs to bring her international customers around for good food. If you can’t marry a woman who can cook you a good meal, then marry one who can bring you to a good meal outside. But, I’m lucky to have my wifey, she is an angel of both world. My darling proposes Fai Kee, located inย Jalan Seenivasagam Ipoh, as we haven’t been there for quite some time.

Fai Kee Restaurant Ipoh

Famous for their fish head noodles and seafood noodles, Fai Kee restaurant is definitely a restaurant you should’t miss when you drop by Ipoh. Wifey is a fan for this restaurant, and would come back occasionally for her all time favorite fish head noodles. Wifey ordered a drunken chicken noodle (vermicelli to be exact). Wifey loves vermicelli when it comes to soup noodles as vermicelli will absorb the broth to the max, giving them a tastier bite. I stole some from wifey – It tastes great!

Drunken Chicken Noodle (RM5.50)

And, I got myself a fried pork cake noodle. The chewy pork cake, accompanied by the fish broth is just delicious.

Fried pork cake noodle (RM5)

We will usually order some fish balls to accompany our noodles.

The price is rather expensive, with the portions given, but the tastiness of their soup really capture the mind of customers (at least to wifey and me), making us to come back for another bowl. Kenji has been enjoying himself too. While papa and mummy enjoying the food, he entertains the group of people in the next table, until they come over to say hi to him. When it comes to taking picture, he will always try something funny – see picture below.

My naughty baby

12 thoughts on “Lunch with Fai Kee Restaurant

  1. Nothing that tickles my fancy…but if your wife says they’re nice, they must be nice. Women are always right! Hehehehehehe!!!! Come, feature some of the things she cooks….let me see! Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

    1. The soup is really good. Got to try it yourself.
      My wife seldom cooks. She is a full time working mummy, and by the time she reach home, it’s already too late to do any cooking. I was blessed to have my mum in the house helping with the meals and chores. Let me see when she can cook again, and for sure, I will feature the meal here ๐Ÿ™‚

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