Of fever and throat infection

I made a bad decision yesterday. Wifey called me at 2pm yesterday, telling me that Kenji boy has mild fever, and my parents will be bring him to the paediatrician. I called home to check. “Kenji boy has a mild fever (37.2 deg C), but he is still actively playing around,”my dad confirmed the situation. I told him that it is not necessary to see a paediatrician at that moment. I asked him to observe to keep monitoring his body temperature or changes in behavior.

I was an avid reader of parenting articles, and have dosed myself with articles associated with fevers on baby. My thought at that moment was that the fever might due to teething, as I noticed that he was drooling a lot lately. I also read that mild fever on children might not have an impact on them, it’s just a way for the body to fight against the virus right?

My parents did a good job is monitoring his body temperatures. All are going well until 9pm, when wifey called me again telling me that his body temperature rose to 38.5 deg C.    We are panicked, and bring Kenji boy to the nearest clinic. The doctor confirmed that Kenji has a throat infection and viral fever. He was given some fever and antibiotic syrup. His fever did not went down after administration of medicines, and even rose to an alarming figure of 39.2 deg C at 11pm.

“I’m taking turn with your mummy to sponge his body with a wet towel,” she relates what is happening to me. “We will bring him to the hospital for emergency admission if the fever rose further”, she adds on. Hearing that, I set my alarm to 1am, preparing to drive all the way back to Ipoh, just in case Kenji is admitted.

Finally, after the second administration of medicine at 1am, his body temperature drops to a comfortable level of 37 deg C, and clear off after the fourth administration this morning. Wifey and mummy did not sleep well as they are taking turns to monitor Kenji’s body temperature the whole night. Thanks wifey and mummy!

Lesson learnt – Do not go by books or articles, always seek professional medical advise if you are doubtful of your children’s health. The pain of not being there for myself is indescribableI was lucky to have a good wifey who take cares of Kenji relentlessly, and updating me through phone and internet whenever anything happens.  I love  you wifey!

8 thoughts on “Of fever and throat infection

  1. My take on this is always start sponging with some hike of temperature and monitor. I don’t really like to rush to doctor if the temperature is not anywhere near 40C. Glad that you have your mum and wifey to care for Kenji and he is recovering.

    1. Agree. This is what I told wifey, sponging is very effective in reducing the temperature. Read somewhere that baby will have seizures when temperature went up to 40 deg, hence we are worrying when his body temperature hiked to almost 40 deg.

    1. Yea, but this one turned out to be almost 40 deg in the midnight. It scared the hell out of us, worrying that he will have seizures. That is the reason why my wifey and mum keep on sponging him to reduce his temperature. God bless that he is ok!

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