He bites!

Kenji boy has been breasfeeding for 11 months. We wanted to wean him off from direct latching to mummy but to no avail. He would be searching endlessly for mummy’s breast when we switched off the light. Sometimes, we think that he treat wifey’s breast as a pacifier since we did not offer him a pacifier since birth. For the past one month, we have switched from fully extracted breast milk to formula milk, in order for him to get used to the taste of the formula milk.

His incisor teeth has fully grown. Now he has four fully grown teeth on the upper jaw and another four on the lower jaw. Hence, when he bites, it is really painful. Wifey will groan with pain everytime he did that. Sometimes, we will give him some light spanking on his bum bum, and show him our stern faces whenever he bites, but he still did that occasionally. Poor wifey, sometimes her nipple bleeds due to the continuous biting.

My parents are asking us to wean off him latching on by putting something on the nipples to get Kenji boy reject them himself. We are advised to put peppers, salt, lemon and even chilies. That sounds a little bit too cruel for a little baby isn’t it? Wifey told me that she rather let Kenji boy bite him than giving him such things. I google online and read some reviews on the Medela nipple shield, and decided to give it a try.

We bought it for RM65, with high hope that this will protect my wifey from more severe biting. Hence, we try to put this on before he even start searching. He start to sucks, and shake his head, refusing the breast. He tried again and again, putting his mouth into sucking motion, and spitting out. We smiles, hoping that we can successfully wean him off using this nipple shield. After a few trials, he sit down, cleverly use his hand to remove the shield and take a big bite on wifey’s. Awww, a big bite as punishment to mummy for using the shield on him. Poor wifey!

The second night, we try again. This round, he already know that the shield can be removed. He just take the shield off and throw it off the bed. There goes the shield, don’t think it is working on him. Sometimes, I don’t know whether he is too smart or just naughty. We are sourcing for more weaning off method. Care to share anyone? Last picture of him biting away our house keys.

Into biting

8 thoughts on “He bites!

  1. Oh my boy bite me b4 too. Yes I gentle slap on his face and stop him to latch on me. Then he learn a lesson, bite equal to no milk haha. Well I never try nipple shield b4.

    1. The nipple shield is not worthy to try at all…It might be useful if you used it since birth. I think he is already used to the comfort of direct contact. If not of biting, we might consider want to breastfeed longer.

  2. Must be teething… When that happens, they like to chew things. Can buy the right thing for him at baby shops…not just any shop – more expensive, what to do? If he keeps biting anything and everything especially hard things, the teeth may end up crooked when they come out.

    1. Yeah, we always prevent him to bite on harder stuff, only allow softer materials like the teether that we bought him. We hope that this will be over very soon.

  3. ahh…he is smart and cheeky 🙂 i read from other blogs that it’s not easy to wean off a baby. Perseverance is important. Some would rub bitter or spicy stuff onto the nipple.

  4. Yup, it’s hard to wean off. Have been doing this for the past 2 week. Hopefully, he can sleep on his own without latching to mummy soon.

  5. I wean my daughter at 11 months old using a bitter powder from the Chinese medical hall called “Chuen lin” and it works. Just a small amount will do the trick.

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