My 11th month old boy

8th of July is over in the blink of eyes, and Kenji boy is 11 month old and 1 day old today. It  was a long journey, but it also seems like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. Wifey send me his photo to cure my boredom at Chiangmai. Kudos to my thoughtful partner.

According to wifey, he managed to squat and stand on his own yesterday. He managed to do this last month with a little support from papa, but only for a short while. Imagine how happy I was when I hear this. My thoughtful wifey even send me a video of him standing while playing with his toys. I hope that he can walk soon, join papa for morning exercise, and help papa to lose some fats!

A post by a lonely papa in Chiangmai.

11 month old Kenji

15 thoughts on “My 11th month old boy

  1. Hope you’ll be home for his 1st birthday… Oooo…Chiangmai, hill resort…I love the hills – so nice, so cool, so beautiful. Wish I were there too…

  2. Cute! 🙂

    It’s a good thing we live in the information age so you can still see him and all but nothing beats being with him as you mentioned.

    You look like you’re going to be a great dad. 🙂

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