Leaving for the Land of Smiles

I will be leaving for the land of smiles aka Thailand next week. I’m on a business trip to Chiangmai for my first stop, and later to Bangkok. It has been a while since I travel for business trip, should be ever since Kenji boy is born. Have been reluctant and procrastinating as Kenji is still small, and I seems not getting enough time with him.

Before Kenji was born, I traveled a lot. I loves to travel around especially on business trip, where I do not need to fork out my own money. Me and wifey shared the same sentiments. We loved seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. In fact, she has been pestering me to plan for a trip or two to somewhere before we plan for the second one. Wifey, not to worry, I will be planning a trip very soon 🙂

I hope I was not too tight on this trip, and able to share my experience in Thailand in this blog. Cheers!

12 thoughts on “Leaving for the Land of Smiles

  1. I stopped travelling after my daughter came…and when she grew big enough, we went on short trips – mostly Kuching and Singapore, bringing her along to let her enjoy herself – she became our priority each holiday trip we went on.. When I travelled on official duty, she loved it at first as everytime I came home, I would buy lots of things for her…but as she grew older, she did not like it anymore and would want me not to go or at most, go for a day or two…but no choice, duty called.

  2. Thanks bro,that picture of you and your lovely wife really reminds me of my own family trip to Phuket, the beers and the cover they use to keep the beers cool.

    Hey bro,have a great trip ya and God bless

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