A date with Haagen Dazs

It was a hot scorching afternoon last Sunday, when we decided to have ice cream to chill out. Wifey suggested Haagen Dazs at De Garden since we haven’t been there for quite some time. This is our second trip there since it opened, the first being wifey’s birthday.

We actually intended to try out their macarons, but it was all sold out. Imagine macarons with ice cream as fillings, how heavenly could that feeling be. Disappointed, we continue to browse through their menu and decided on their chocolate fondue. Accompanying the haagen dazs ice cream, we have fruits, cakes and cookies as tit bits.

The fondue comes along with 16 mini scoops of chilled Haagen Dazs ice cream. The ice cream flavors is fixed for the fondue, and we are not allowed to choose our favorite flavors. Wifey actually want her favorite rum raisins flavor. 😦

The chocolate freeze in seconds on top of the chilled ice creams. The haagen dazs ice cream is already salivating, coupled with chocolate, it is just a bliss.

The bill came as a total of Rm74 inclusive of tax. A little bit pricey, but it definitely worth it in exchange for the smiles of my loved ones.

Wifey with Kenji boy

13 thoughts on “A date with Haagen Dazs

  1. OMG! Salivating! But I dont think I would splurge 70 over bucks for this lor. I’d rather buy a few cones of my favourite flavour and enjoy lor .. but nevermind la, your wifey & kiddo’s smile is all worth it!

    1. Yes it is, but once is a blue moon is fine. Sometimes we just have to indulge into something like this to make ourselves happy 🙂

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