Kenji learning ABC

Wifey and I think that it is time for Kenji to learn up some fundamental words. We are a kiasu parent, trying to make Kenji bilingual by speaking two different language to him. Papa will speak to him in English while mummy in mandarin. We do monitor to see whether our words are confusing to him, but he do not show any signs of confusion, and he can distinguish really well. For instance, when papa said clap hands, he will clap his hands. When mummy said “拍手(pai shou)” (clap hands in mandarin), he will also clap his hands. That’s my clever boy!

We grab a ABC book from popular last week, and teach him the alphabets. When I point to the page and said A for apple, he babbled ” ehhhh”. Mummy and I was so surprised to hear that. Kenji, we are so proud of you (at that moment) 🙂

Sitting while papa reading

After I read until “D”, he crawled away from me, and start to flip the book on his own. He even try to nibble at it when I was not watching.

After a while, he give me an innocent look, like asking me back to read with him. Haha, my boy. Papa just love you. Thanks for bringing laughter to papa every weekend ya!

Papa, can you read for me again?

2 thoughts on “Kenji learning ABC

  1. good job to Kenji and kudos to daddy and mommy for starting this. I notice that kids learn way faster when they were taught ABCs or shown books with pictures at a very young age.

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