Love is about getting fat together

For some old people, fat is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. For me, it’s about contentment. It is more like a reflection on how satisfied I am after jumping into the marriage bandwagon. This might explains why most married man gains weight (my theory). I’m not fat, just chubby (what wifey described me as). I was 65kg, when I first started my relationship with wifey 5 years ago. My weight have increased gradually ever since to a proud 78 kg now. How sweet it could be for a couple to grow fat and old together, leaving behind the necessary to look good, and most importantly, we can always eat to our heart’s content. I’m not saying that appearance is not important, but I firmly believed that love will surpass everything by all means. I come across this picture in facebook this morning and I call wifey to ask about it. Below is her answer 😦

Me: Darling, shall we grow fat together? I don’t mind to become your fatty hubby at all.
Wifey: Don’t want! You become fat on your own enough, count me OUT! 

*Heart broken*

8 thoughts on “Love is about getting fat together

  1. Ha….. I guess growing a bit chubby is ok.. as long as it’s not fat until you have all kids of diseases.
    I never lost the weight I gained after giving birth.. the hubs too.. (and guess.. it’s a compliment b’cos the good food we made at home?)

    1. Good food always count. haha. Both me and wifey are lacking of exercises too after the arrival of our boy. This could be part of the reason too 🙂

  2. hahaha….we tend to grow fatter as we approach middle-age. *yikes* anyway i think it’s hard for Ice to put on weight because she is petite, right Ice?

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