Not again my boy!

I actually would like to blog about the little gift that wifey has made me for father’s day, but now I do not have the mood to do that. I just received an alarming news from wifey that she just bring Kenji to doctor, and it is confirmed that he has a fever, minor throat infection and a minor flu. My first reaction is,” Oh no, not again my baby
I should have expected this as wifey is down with throat infection and have a running nose on Sunday. We plan to let him sleep with his grandma for a night or two until wifey recover, but being his mummy’s baby, he refused. He wanted to latch on his mummy before he call it a night. I prayed hard that he have enough antibodies to protect him from the virus, and hoping that the virus will not intrude his little body, but now it happens. haih…
Kenji has always been a healthy baby. He’d not been sick for the first 6 months, thanks to breastfeeding, that provides him with sufficient nutrition and antibodies. It was not until his 7th month when his cousin brother came for a stay, and he contracted a flu from him. It started off as a minor fever, followed by a flu and continuous coughing. I can still vividly remember how everything went, as the event has been a nightmare for me and my wifey.
We brought him to our paed the very next morning. To make matters worse, our paed observed some minor red spot on his body and suspected measles. We have to bring him for blood test. The lab assistant poke his little chubby thumb with a needle, and pinch his thumb for blood. My heart really shattered. Kenji keep crying, his cries pierced through my heart but there are nothing that I can do. My poor boy. Papa also do not wish to be in this situation if I’ve the ability to choose.
The blood test shows that he did not contracted measles. The test shows a significant increase of lymphocytes (type of white blood cell that involves in our immune system), which is an indication of viral fever. Paed gives us some medication to be administered to Kenji for the next few days. He has been extremely cranky, refusing to be bottle fed, and latch on mummy all day long. I will take turn to rock him in his hammock in the day time, so that wifey can get some rest. Nightime does not comes any better. He kept stirring in his sleep and latch on his mummy the whole night, leaving us sleepless.
Kenji and mummy taking some rest while waiting for our turn to see the paed (3 months ago)
3 months has passed, and the event flashed through my mind like it just happened yesterday. Now, it seems that the above journey start to happen again. I do not pray things to go easy on me. All I wish is Kenji to get well soon, and call me pa…pa again. 

6 thoughts on “Not again my boy!

  1. Thanks for dropping by my log, Andrew

    Sorry to hear about your boy. Hope he gets well soon. Yes, usually if adult got sick, it will infect the young ones.

    You boost up your Vits too. Hope you wont be infected. Stay strong

    1. Thanks small kucing. I love your blog. I already contracted the virus from my wife, and is sneezing away at Penang now. Thanks for the concern. We will certainly battle the virus now as a family 🙂

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