Grammy Nite

Promised my colleague that I will write a post of the recent company appreciation night (Grammy Nite as called by my company), held in Equatorial hotel Penang last Friday. It is supposed to be a once a year dinner event, but it was called off for the last 6 years, due to the downturn of economy that has severely hit the semiconductor field. Everyone in my company is looking forward for the event except for myself.
Well it was not that I do not wish to attend, but the event was hold in Friday, the only day of the week where my anticipation to rush back to Ipoh boils. Yes, nothing is comparable to meeting my Kenji boy at home. The company is giving us a time off at 3pm, in order for everyone to get ready for the dinner. Everyone is busy talking about the dinner dress that they should wear, whether they should go to their hair stylist and make a hairdo…
My colleagues have been psyco-ing me to attend, at least to stand a chance to win the lucky draw prices. I must admit that the lucky draw prizes are lucrative. Lucky draw prize range from Ipad, Galaxy tab to some high end household electrical appliances and not forgetting the travel coupons. At the end, for the sake of these prizes and persuasion from wifey, I decided to attend. I did not bring any dinner shirts with me, so I’m wearing my Friday t-shirt to the dinner, which earned me the title,”Lousiest dresser of the night”.
Nothing much to mention about the dinner. Just a standard dinner accompanied by songs and shows. But I would like to compliment the magic show, which laugh the hell out of me. One thing that awed me is how the ladies in my company dress out for dinner. They appeared in their glamouring dress, charming every single man they met. Yea, I’m a bit exaggerating here, but they do look unusually beautiful that the ones I met in the office. 
Last but not least, my lucky number of the night (2267) does not get drawn for the night, leaving me empty handed. I should have gone home and play with my Kenji boy. 😦
I end this post with some photos taken on that night. Photos are a little bit blur, taken with phone camera. We ain’t professional photographer after all.
Me and my colleagues (Esther, Amelia and FM)
Me with Amelia
Posing before dinner
Photography purpose only. Do I look good with that red table napkin?

4 thoughts on “Grammy Nite

  1. Looks like a fun night. I understand how you feel about rushing home to be with the baby. Sometimes it’s fun to have some time with friends too 🙂 So did you rush home right after dinner?

    1. Aw…I wish to rush home after that, but wifey said that she will not open the door for me if I do that. She concerns on my safety. I drove back at 5am, manage to catch my kenji boy before he wake up 🙂

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