He called me papa today!

I was making my usual call home today to check on how is my Kenji boy doing. Have been repeating such routine since his arrival to our family. Wifey is having a sore throat with a running nose in the weekend, and as a kiasu daddy, I’m worrying whether the virus will be transmitted to him. Knowing that he actively crawling and babbling around really calms my nerves down, giving me the extra energy to continue with my work at office. 
He has been babbling since 2 months ago. He will make all sorts of sounds like ba..ba..ba, ma..ma..ma or mum mum mum. For the past 2 week, I thought he was calling me papa by repeating his usual ba..ba sound. I found that he is making this sound even when I was not around, so I think he might just learning how to speak out or just talking to the air.
However, today is special. My dad gives him the phone and told him that papa is calling him, and asking for him. He make a clear ba..ba to me. My dad ask him to repeat again, and he called ba..ba again. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was so clear and accurate.
Wifey said that she is going to train Kenji to call her mama now. Haha…Am i a fortunate daddy?

4 thoughts on “He called me papa today!

  1. The first word Ethan uttered was not Mommy nor Daddy but UP! and then BALL.. then dunno when Daddy came out.. and by the time Mummy was uttered my excitement was no longer as strong -.-

    1. Haha…my wife has been waiting for that moment he call him mummy too. Hopefully, this will not take long. Kenji first word is not papa nor mummy too. The first word uttered is mum mum…meaning makan. lol

  2. aww…..he is such a cutie pie. sweet to hear the kids calling us for the first time huh? before you know it, he’ll be calling “PA …..PA or Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”, a hundred time when they want something 😛

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