Our pride Our Joy ~ Thanks Wifey

8-8-2011 – This is the date that I have marked down as another important phase in my life. It was the day where we reaped the fruit of our love after withstanding her 9 month of pregnancy. Pregnancy is never an easy process. There is an abrupt changes within her for the first 3 month, with vomitting, diziness, loss of appetite, and the list goes on. We have actually planned for a week trip to Krabi and Phuket for our second honeymoon, but considering her condition, we decided to dimiss it. Gone were the days where she can wear her high heels to work. Her long shining hair is cut short as well when the heat is becoming unbearable. With the little life growing inside her every day, she began to experience heart burn and minor backache when the 3rd trimester strikes in. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable journey for us as we looking forward for the day where we will see Kenji. 
I still recall very well the day she was admitted to the hospital for induction. Yea, our baby are too comfortable in mummy’s womb and refuse to come out after a week from the estimated delivery date. We were asked to get admitted the night before for an induction. It was a long night for us especially when anxiety hit us on when the baby will come. I still vividly remember some of our unanswered questions. “Will the baby come out in the middle of the night when the doctor is not around?” and ” When the contradictions of 1o mins apart will happen”.
By morning, Ice started to feel a very severe contraction pain, and it come and go every 15 mins, I got agitated and called the dcotor. Doctor came and checked and told us that we still have to wait for another couple of hours. She was only dilated by 2 cm. Having said that, she asked the nurse to put Ice on drip to speed up the contraction process. This is where the contraction pain become totally unbearable. I accompany her to perform the deep breathing, that we learnt from the ante-natal classes that we attended before, but all seems not to be working. I was really sorry to see that she is struggling through all the pain. It was not until 11am when the doctor came again for a check. “Almost ready, dilated by 8cm” said the doctor. My heart skipped a beat, thinking that my baby will be here anytime. Doctor burst the amniotic sac, and share with us a sad news. Our baby has pass motion in the womb , which is noticed as a green tint from the amniotic fluid that is flowing out. She asked us to sign the approval for a cesarean delivery.
After all the paper was signed, Ice was moved to the operation theater. I was walking up and down the medical hall ( I wish I was allowed inside during the operation), waiting anxiously. Every minute seems like a year to me. It was not until 35 mins later, the operation doctor opened and the nurse bring out a baby whom we called Kenji.
First time in mummy’s arm
Welcome to our world my little one,
With God’s grace you are here,
Thanks for becoming part of our little family,
We shall enjoy every single moment together.
Daddy and mummy wish you to grow up healthy
Hope you will becoming daddy’s little man and play with him
and helping mummy with chores if you can.
Daddy & mummy will love you with all our heart
Showering you with all the love we could give
Making sure you are healthy and happy.
Loves Daddy and Mummy

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