My love confession to the woman of my life

Oh gosh…love confession time. Many guys, including me, have a fear of being rejected during a confession. By the way, who don’t have fear of being rejected? Here is how my confession goes with my wifey. After working along with her for more than 3 months, I have decided to pull our friendship to a man-woman relationship.
On 17th Feb 2007, I dated her out on a movie. Until today, I really can’t remember clearly what the name of our first movie is. Maybe, I’m too excited on how to hold her hand for the first time or how I’m going to tell this girl that I love her. Anyway, I just called my wifey, and of course she remembers the movie….Ghost Rider.
After the movie, we go and walk around, and happen to see a souvenir shop. Sensing that nothing much that we can do, we just go in and take a look. At the shop’s corner, she saw a pair of cute little pig torchlight, which she is so delighted at the sight of it, and quickly bought it. And, I’m so stupid to ask her whether she is buying the torchlight for someone. She replies “YES”, and my heart sank to the bottom of the seven seas…
After coming out from the shop, I really don’t have the mood to walk. My leg is so heavy and my heart aches when I think of the silly pig. After the piggy incident, we take a quick meal at Deli France and heading home. All the way, I was very down. Deep down my heart, I keep asking myself, “Who she wants to give the piggy to?” and “Why not me?”
A minute before we arrive at her house’s front gate, she took out the packets containing the two piggies, and passes one to me. She said,” Andrew, This is for you. Thanks for asking me out for a movie” I’m really dumbfounded. Surprised and Stunned at that moment. I should have taken the opportunity to make my confession to her, but I did not. I feel so lame and stupid….
She called me on 25th Feb 2007, and told me that she has an argument with her family and wish to get away from Ipoh for a while. I quickly ask her to come to Kampar, the place where I’m staying. I know that this is an opportunity I shall never miss. She really came to Kampar, and I found a quiet cafe where we can talk and discuss. Her eyes are red. I think she cry all the way here. And, do u know what I did….I told her….
“Ice, don’t cry again. I’m very sad when you cry. If you don’t mind, I hope to lend my shoulder to you whenever you feel like crying. I wish to take care of you. Can you be my girl friend? “
The answer is a YES 🙂

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